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Uluru Holidays

Uluru Holidays

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The red earth beneath your toes, the bright blue sky overhead and the iconic sandstone monolith of Uluru as far as the eye can see. Uluru is one of our greatest natural wonders and filled with a magical ambience that is both spiritual and physical. This natural formation sits 348 metres above the earth and has presided over this landscape for over 550 million years. 

For visitors, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to bask in its mystical presence and witness first-hand the myriad of ever-changing colours as the sun rises and sets each day, glowing shades of deep red and golden orange. Take a deep breath and savour the moment – you are unlikely to forget.

No two angles are the same, so viewing can be done however you please, whether this is walking along the perimeter, flying overhead or taking more adventurous options such as camel or motorbike.

The local ancestors of the land, the Anangu people treasure this World Heritage-listed region as it represents a deep cultural bond between the earth and their ancestral history. Generational stories are whispered within the trees and permeate through the surrounding landscape. Home to a range of native flora and fauna, you will never feel more connected.  


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