The Ultimate Deluxe Tour Experiences

With the discerning traveller in mind, our latest Deluxe Tours bring Asia to life through a selection of immersive and exclusive experiences. Your accommodation has been carefully selected to complement the high standard of your tour, and you’ll dine on sumptuous dishes that personify Asia’s colourful and diverse flavours.

Read on for our top 5 experiences to be enjoyed when you embark on a Wendy Wu Tours deluxe journey.

  1. Sip champagne on the Great Wall, China

The Great Wall is arguably one of the greatest sights in the world. The 8,850 kilometres long structure snakes along mountain ridges from the Shanhaiguan Pass on the Bohai Sea to the Gobi Desert in the west. Our Deluxe Tours feature a visit to the dramatic Mutianyu section of the Great Wall. Not only will you be able to experience the magnitude of the wall with fewer people around, but your visit will be made even more unforgettable with a champagne toast – a decadent way to start your tour of China!


  1. Discover China’s lifeline, the Yangtze River

It’s estimated that more than 430 million people live along the banks of the Yangtze River – that’s nearly one-third of China’s population! The 6,300 kilometres long waterway has its origins high up in the snow-covered mountain of Tanggula Shan in the southwestern Qinghai Tibet Plateau and runs to the ocean in Shanghai. A cruise along the magnificent Yangtze is an experience like no other – the destination being not a single place, but a rolling ribbon of dramatic gorges, peaceful countryside and man-made wonders. Victoria Cruises and President Cruises offer the best standard of ships available to guests travelling on our Deluxe Tours.


  1. Enjoy Vietnam’s culinary flavours

Traditional Vietnamese cuisine has long been admired for its use of fresh ingredients and fine spicing. On our Deluxe Collection Tours, you’ll have the chance to learn the secrets and art behind the sumptuous fare. In the UNESCO World Heritage Listed town of Hoi An, take part in a cookery class which starts with a trip to the market to purchase local produce. Get involved in the kitchen and prepare a number of local delicacies, learning about food culture and herb lore as you go. When you journey to the capital of Hanoi, take a cyclo ride through the winding streets of the Old Quarter in search of delectable nibbles including Nem spring rolls and Bun Cha.


  1. Explore Angkor by Tuk Tuk

The magnificent 12th century Angkor Wat is the heart and soul of Cambodia. Angkor Wat took 30 years to build and represents the Khmer civilization at its grandest; it is also the best-preserved temple with its fascinating decorative flourishes and extensive bas-reliefs. Uncover your inner explorer amongst the jungle-wreathed temples of Angkor as you wind through the many structures by tuk-tuk and admire the legacy of this former civilisation in all its glory.


  1. Be treated to a Mehrangarh Fort evening experience in Jodhpur

India is a dazzling rainbow of culture, history and architecture, and the red sandstone palace, Mehrangarh Fort, is one of Rajasthan’s most formidable structures. On our Deluxe Tours guests are treated to a welcome drink, exclusive dinner and a personalised tour with the fort’s curator to explore some of the smaller but still magnificent palaces within, featuring meticulously carved panels and latticed windows noteworthy for the splendour and glamour of a bygone era.

This is your invitation to see Asia differently. See it with Wendy Wu Tours.

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