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Taiwan Holidays

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Taiwan is a charming island in East Asia, best known for its vibrant culture, delicious fusion cuisine and tranquil lakes and mountain ranges. Though Taiwan is small in size, it is large in life and is one of the most densely populated places in the world, the majority of its 24 million inhabitants living in cities along the west coast.

Taiwan is not only a land of contrasts, but also a culture of contrasts, with concoction of futuristic and traditional customs. It is highly technically developed and easily accessible with 2 airports, extensive bus routes and high-speed railways connecting across the island. Taiwan is home to around 15,000 temples and there is a strong following of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. Many Taiwanese continue to celebrate traditional Chinese festivals, worshiping gods and goddesses and warding off demons.

The crowded cities are home to a plethora of restaurants, shops and entertainment options in one part, and lush forested mountains, sandy beaches and marble-walled gorges in the other. The food is amazing and aside from Taiwanese food, a full Asian range can be found including Cantonese, Sichuanese, Beijing-style and Japanese food.

Like Japan and South Korea, Taiwan also has its own Sakura season. The Cherry Blossoms are in bloom starting in January and ending in April.

Top Holidays to Taiwan

Taiwan offers a wealth of wonderful sights and experiences. What better way to explore them than on a Wendy Wu tour?

  • Treasures of Taiwan Tour

    Treasures of Taiwan

    15 days from $6,890pp

    • Taipei (2N)
    • Sun Moon Lake (2N)
    • Tainan (1N)
    • Kaohsiung (1N)
    • Kenting (2N)
    • Taitung
    • Chihpen (1N)
    • Taroko (2N)
    • Luodong
    • Taipei (1N)
    View Tour
  • Taipei Short Stay Tour

    Taipei Short Stay

    4 days | Please call for prices

    • Taipei (3N)
    • Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall
    • Taipei 101
    • Yangmingshan National Park
    View Tour
  • Classic Taiwan Tour

    Classic Taiwan

    5 days | Please call for prices

    • Taipei (2N)
    • Sun Moon Lake (1N)
    • Tainan (1N)
    View Tour
  • Taroko & Sun Moon Lake Tour

    Taroko & Sun Moon Lake

    4 days | Please call for prices

    • Taipei (1N)
    • Taroko National Park (1N)
    • Sun Moon Lake (1N)
    View Tour
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Tailor-Made Taiwan Holidays

Embark on that once-in-a-lifetime adventure with a Tailor-made Holiday in Taiwan. We will help you design a trip to meet your exact requirements. Choose your destinations, accommodation, touring and experiences to create the perfect holiday.

Discover our Tailor-Made Tours
  • Create your perfect itinerary
  • Travel around any way you like
  • Immerse in local life with private guides
  • Choose your style of accommodation

Things to see in Taiwan

No trip to Taiwan would be complete without seeing one of the wonders listed below.

  • Discover National Revolutionary Martyrs Shrine
    National Revolutionary Martyrs Shrine

    Built in 1969 to commemorate the loss of Taiwanese soldiers who lost their lives in several wars during the 20th century.

  • Discover Taipei 101
    Taipei 101

    At 509.2m tall, the Taipei 101 Tower is one of the world’s tallest buildings and is Taiwan’s treasured skyscraper. 

  • Discover Antique Assam Tea Farm
    Antique Assam Tea Farm

    An organic, working tea farm renowned for its specialty ‘Assam black tea’ brought back to life by the devotion and vision of 5 veteran workers.

  • Discover Longshan Temple
    Longshan Temple

    One of the largest and oldest temples in Taiwan, Longshan Temple was built in 1738 by Han immigrants from Fujian as a gathering place for Chinese settlers.

  • Discover Anping District
    Anping District

    This region is renowned for its deep culture and history but also for its beautiful natural scenery, stunning sunsets and awesome food and delicacies.

  • Discover Night Markets
    Night Markets

    Strolling through night markets is somewhat of a national pastime in Taiwan. Snacking and walking especially is the embodiment of popular culture in this food 

  • Discover Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village
    Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village

    The largest outdoor museum in Taiwan to display the traditional homes and architecture of Taiwanese indigenous tribes.

Amazing places to see in Taiwan

  • Discover Taipei

    The capital city of Taipei, is a modern metropolis with a centre packed full of glistening skyscrapers and a multitude of eateries.

  • Discover Tainan

    Tainan is the oldest city in the country and traditional cultures continue to thrive here.

  • Discover Sun Moon Lake
    Sun Moon Lake

    One of the island's most beautiful natural landscapes and the largest body of freshwater in Taiwan.

  • Discover Taroko National Park
    Taroko National Park

    Diverse landscape of soaring mountains, steep gorges, deep forests, and crystal-clear waterfalls.

  • Discover Kaohsiung

    With a rich history, including a period of colonial rule, incredible religious and cultural sights, it is no surprise that it is becoming one of the most popular cities outside of Taipei for visitors. 

  • Discover Kenting National Park
    Kenting National Park

    Kenting is Taiwan's oldest and southernmost national park on the main island, rich with scenic mountain and beach views, coral coast and sandstone caves.

Our National Escorts in Taiwan

Award-winning Guiding...

All of our holidays in Taiwan are accompanied by a dedicated National Escort throughout. We task them with the responsibility to keep you safe, happy, inspired and entertained and they respond with Gusto! Guiding you through the intricacies and eccentricities of the Taiwanese way of doing things with expert ease.

All of our National Escorts in Taiwan...

  • Have a minimum of five years experience in guiding
  • Are fluent in English
  • Are unparalleled experts, born and raised in the local area
  • Go through rigorous and constant training
  • Are at your service 24 hours a day
Our Tour Guides

Our customers think the world of us

Awards are all well and good, but it's our customer feedback that means the most to us. We're proud that so many of our customers would be happy to recommend us to their friends and family - that's all the accolade we need.

  • We had a fantastic time and were so looked after by our guide. Wendy Wu took care of all the travel arrangements, hotel facilities, and tours. Everything went smoothly from visas to flights, eating arrangements and free time in places of interest. Would definitely recommend.


  • The service was impeccable from the beginning of the tour to the very end. A first class service all the way. We visited everything on the itinerary and more. Our young tour guide was an incredible guide, he managed the group with ease and his knowledge was excellent, as was his kind and very caring disposition!


  • A fabulous tour, mixing ancient sites, old and new culture, historical events, cities and rural surroundings, and fun activities which gave us an insight into the country works. Excellent food, people everywhere were charming and hotels were top rate. A great trip which we'll never forget.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Taiwan

  • When is the best time to visit Taiwan?
    Taiwan is a year-round destination; you will find different activities to enjoy in every season. Generally, the most popular time to visit Taiwan is between September to November, when the Autumn climate is cool and dry.  

  • Do I need a visa?
    A visa is not required for Australian passport holders for entry into Taiwan for stay up to 90 days.

  • Do I need a guide?
    Taiwan is the ultimate destination for exploration, be that independently or with a guide. If you like having an expert at your side for the duration of your trip, we would highly recommend having a guide for your tour. They will be able to take you to the iconic sights as well as the hidden gems with no troubles as well as share their passion, and love for their local region. A guide will be your local resource throughout your trip, whether that be to talk about the history of a place or to suggest an excellent restaurant! Taiwan can of course be done independently but we would still recommend a guide or local to be on hand to point you in the right direction or help recommend where to go. 

  • What is the food like?
    Taiwanese cuisine is delicious, colourful and healthy. Meals are usually served with a bowl of rice and several dishes of vegetables, seafood (normally fish and/or shrimps), and meats (pork, beef or chicken). Taiwan’s other main staple is noodles, most famous being beef noodle. All meals (excluding drinks) are included in our fully inclusive group tours from the groups’ arrival until the day of departure. Our schedule of meals is designed so that you can experience the local dishes, their individual flavours as well as the different ways they are prepared and cooked throughout Taiwan. Food is an important element of Taiwanese culture. It is a time for families and friends to come together and much of family life revolves around the dinner table. Most food is eaten with chopsticks so best get practicing as cutlery is not always available at restaurants.

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