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Time - China is 2 hours behind Australian EST

Language - The official national language is Mandarin, which has eight major dialect groups that are region specific. In addition, there are
several ethnic minority languages in the western and southern-most provinces.

Entry Requirements - Passports must be valid for six months beyond the length of stay. Visas are required for Australian travellers, the price
of which is already included in the fully inclusive price of all our group tours for Australian passport holders (providing all applications are received by Wendy Wu Tours within the required visa processing time frame). Tibet Permits are obtained by our office in China as these are not
available in Australia.


The Chinese Golden Week public holidays fall annually between 1-7 May and 1-7 October during which various sites and attractions will be more crowded than usual.


Beijing, meaning ‘Northern Capital’, is a city full of wonders and holds an important position as China’s historical and cultural centre. It is here where the  old mixes with the new and, in doing so,  provides a treasure chest of sites and attractions ranging from the Great Wall
and Forbidden City to the beautiful Summer Palace.


Shanghai is China's largest cosmopolitan  city, as well as the country’s main financial  institution. The city is filled with an abundance of beautiful old buildings and modern-day high-rise developments that are architectural masterpieces, combining the China of yesterday with that of tomorrow. Shanghai is China's premier shopping haven and has much to offer its visitors, rightly earning it the name ‘Paris of the East’.


Xian, meaning ‘Western Peace’, possesses a history dating back to 1,000BC. The city served as the capital of China’s greatest Emperor, Emperor Qin Shi Huang, and was also the starting point of the world famous trade route, the Silk Road. Xian is home to the magnificent display of Terracotta Warriors, as well as an abundance of other historic attractions.


Kunming is the capital of Yunnan Province, home to a mixture of lush rainforests, mountainous snow-capped peaks and over 50 per cent of China’s ethnic minorities. The city is the gateway to the Stone Forest, a collection of massive limestone columns located 120km to the southeast.


Guilin is undoubtedly one of China’s greatest areas of natural beauty with stunning karst topography alongside the banks of the Li River. Bordering one side of the Li River, 65km south of Guilin, is Yangshuo, a perfect haven for relaxing in peace and quiet whilst enjoying the magnificent views on offer.


At the foothills of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, the town of Lijiang is set within a beautiful valley. Its Old Quarter offers a wonderful array of cobbled streets lined with traditional wooden buildings and meandering canals.


Xiahe is set in a stunning mountain valley and is home to the Labrang Monastery, one of the leading Tibetan monasteries of the Yellow Hat sect. Many Tibetans gather here each year on pilgrimage.


One of the largest engineering projects undertaken by man is the damming of the Three Gorges area on the Yangtze River. This area offers some of the most magnificent natural scenery in China.


The city of Lhasa is not only the capital of Tibet but also its heart and spiritual home. It is here, on the ‘Roof of the World’, where one will find the Potala Palace, the winter residence of the Dalai Lama, and the Jokhang Temple, where Tibet’s holiest shrine lies.


As one of the most populated cities in the world, Chongqing has a wealth of resources, transport options, attractions and culinary delights. The biggest drawcards to this ‘mountain’ city are the Yangtze River, museums and natural scenery such as Wulong and Heishangu(Black Mountain Valley), and cultural attractions such as Ciqikou Old Town.


This small town is home to an amazing array of cliff carvings and scattered statues that rival many others found within China. There are thousands of figures influenced by Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian beliefs.


Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan Province and home to a grand selection of natural scenery, including Mt. Emei and the Nine Villages Valley. The Grand Buddha of Leshan and the Panda Research Centre are also located nearby.


Zhongdian is often referred to as ‘Little Tibet’ due to its location and traditional Tibetan residents. The town is set amidst some of China’s most striking scenery, with the main drawcard being the Songshanlin Monastery.


Dali lies on the edge of Erhai Lake at the base of Cangshan Mountain, a truly beautiful setting. Its Ancient Quarter is lined with narrow cobbled streets and traditional stone architecture, which lie within the original city walls. The city is home to the Bai ethnic minority group.


A natural gallery of botanical gardens and spectacular rock formations, Zhangjiajie was declared a World Heritage listed site by UNESCO in 1990. Its scenery consists of endless waterfalls, caves, rivers and approximately 243 imposing peaks, which are surrounded by over 3,000
mountains; a beautiful combination unseen elsewhere.


Kashgar has been a historic landmark for the past two millennia as the crossroads of the famous Silk Road trading route. Merchants from across the East and the
West gathered here for the world famous Sunday Bazaar where the exchange of goods, food, livestock and culture took place.


Located within the borders of Sichuan Province, the UNESCO World Heritage listed Nine Villages Valley is a magnificent alpine valley consisting of crystal clear lakes, lush forests and snow-capped mountains. Its name is derived from the nine Tibetan villages found within the valley.

Watch Documentary Videos of CHINA

In June 2010, Travel Daily TV reporter, Barry Matheson, travelled on our Wonders of China tour to document just what it was like to travel on a fully inclusive Wendy Wu group tour to China.  Watch the 3 part series to see what he and his travelling companions thought of their tour.

CHINA Group Tours

Group Tour Name Prices From No of Days Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
In Pursuit of Pandas $2,399 9
Simply Yangtze $3,070 10
A China Experience $2,769 10
A China Experience Deluxe $5,210 10
China Splendour $4,630 14
Sichuan Explorer $3,730 14
Majestic Yangtze $4,399 14
Majestic Yangtze Deluxe $5,870 14
Glories of China $3,399 14
Yangtze Splendour $4,930 15
Yangtze Splendour Deluxe $5,109 15
Southern Odyssey $5,490 17
Wonders of China $4,700 17
Wonders of China Deluxe $6,849 16
Yunnan Adventure $4,170 17
Ancient China $4,230 18
Grand Yangtze $5,700 19
Cities of the Orient $5,548 19
Grand Yangtze Deluxe $6,040 18
China Delights $4,698 21
Magnificent China $5,700 21
Classic China $6,400 21
Tibetan Wonders $6,039 24
Road to Samarkand $7,899 26
Dreams of Nature $6,340 20
Treasures of Vietnam and China $6,279 27
Silk Road Explorer $5,890 24
China Highlights $5,680 26
China Encounters $6,190 26
Grand Tour of China $6,540 27
China and Tibet Discovery $6,380 17
Himalayan Adventure - Tibet to Nepal $6,979 22

CHINA Short Stays

Private short stay packages for the independent traveller.

Short Stay Name Prices From No of Days Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Hong Kong & Guangzhou City Stopover $810 5
Chongqing Short Stay Deluxe $765 4
Discover China Family Holiday $2,290 6
Pure Yangtze + Chongqing Deluxe $3,011 10
Yangtze in Focus + Chongqing Deluxe $4,411 14
Yangtze in Focus Deluxe $1,890 10
Beyond the Great Wall $480 2
Chengdu City Stopover $750 3
Shanghai Short Stay $390 3
Guangzhou City Stay 330 3
Xian Short Stay $320 3
Chengdu Short Stay $790 4
Beijing Short Stay $400 4
Chongqing Short Stay $750 4
Dazu & Chongqing short stay 1,240 4
Guilin, Yangshuo & Longji $720 5
Hainan Island Short Stay $530 5
Mt. Huang Short Stay $1,020 5
Pure Yangtze $480 5
Pure Yangtze + Chongqing $2,912 10
Xiamen & Nanjing Short Stay $1,100 5
Suzhou & Hangzhou Short Stay $1,000 5
Zhangjiajie Scenic Wonder $950 5
China Express $1,100 6
Nine Villages Valley $1,960 4
Tibetan Short Stay $1,480 6
Beijing & Xian Short Stay $1,120 7
Flavours of China 2,860 10
Discover Yunnan $3,040 10
Yangtze in Focus $1,870 10
Yangtze in Focus + Chongqing $4,150 14

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