China’s Lucky 8: Uncover China’s best sites guaranteed to make an unforgettable experience

Are you wanting to embark on a remarkable adventure to explore the wonders of China? Look no further! Prepare to be captivated by Ancient Temples and awe-inspiring landscapes that will leave you breathless. China’s Lucky 8 sights are waiting to be discovered, so don’t miss out on these incredible must-see destinations in China.

1 | The Great Wall

Located just a short distance from Beijing, you absolutely cannot miss the awe-inspiring Great Wall of China. Stretching over 5,000 km along the lush hilltops, this magnificent icon has been a testament to Chinese history since construction began in the 7th century. For the past 21 years, Wendy Wu Tours has been fulfilling the dreams of travelers who long to walk on this incredible feat of engineering. It is an absolute must-see!

The Great Wall

The Great Wall

2 | Zhangjiajie

Pronounced Zang-jar-gee, this beautiful mountainous region rose to fame when it was featured in James Cameron’s movie, Avatar. Also known as ‘Mother Nature’s Oxygen Bar’, this area features lush dense forests, towering karst rock mountains, caves and gushing waterfalls. A truly spectacular part of China.

3 | Terracotta Warriors

The life-sized Terracotta Warriors, believed to be over 2,200 years old, remained hidden from the modern world until their discovery in 1974. Since then, thousands of these awe-inspiring warriors and horses have been unearthed, revealing their intricate and remarkable faces. Step into history as you explore this UNESCO World Heritage-listed site and marvel at the craftsmanship and individuality of each warrior.

Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Xian

Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Xian

4 | Hanging Monastery in Datong

An architectural marvel, the Hanging Monastery (Xuankong Si) has managed to withstand over 1,400 years of exposure to the elements by clinging precariously to the mountainside. Delve into its halls adorned with exquisitely carved sculptures and be in awe of its structural brilliance. It will undoubtedly leave you pondering, “How on earth did the ancient architects construct such a marvel?”

5 | Nine Villages Valley

Named after the nine Tibetan villages that lie within a spectacularly beautiful valley in central China is Jiuzhaigou National Park and Nine Villages Valley. This area is Wendy’s favourite place to visit in China. As you stroll through the valley, you will be awestruck by the cascading waterfalls and picture-perfect ponds, ideal for those ‘arty’ reflection snaps.

6 | The Yangtze River

The Yangtze River weaves and winds its way through China. It starts in the Tibetan plateau and finally spills out into the ocean near Shanghai. On a Wendy Wu Tours Yangtze River Cruise you will sail through the Three Gorges Dam, admire the unique ancient Chinese architecture along the banks of the river and watch the locals as they sail upriver delivering supplies.

The Yangtze River

The Yangtze River

7 | Beijing’s Hutongs

There are over nine million bicycles in Beijing. The best way to experience this city is on the back of a rickshaw in the Hutong district. It’s here you can steal a glimpse at what China was like when it was once ruled by revered emperors. Ride past locals, squatting street-side for their daily game of Mahjong. What’s more, see vendors cooking up a sweet strew of local delicacies.

Beijing's Hutongs

Beijing’s Hutongs

8 | Longji Rice Terraces

Longji rice terraces, just outside Guilin in southern China, offers visitors some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. When the sun is reflected in the terraced pools of water and paddy fields, the ‘dragon’s backbone’ is revealed. The terraces are transformed into ribbons hung on the hillsides.

Longji Rice Terraces

Longji Rice Terraces

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