48 hours in Tokyo: Unique things to do in express time

Meiji Shrine, Tokyo

Tokyo doesn’t do things by halves – it’s one of the world’s biggest cities, it has the world’s tallest tower and has the most Michelin-starred restaurants.

For all its bright lights, au fait trends and glass towers, Tokyo is not as modern as it appears. It has a layer of rich culture and ancient traditions mixed with modernisation – you can explore traditional temples and high-end shopping malls, interspersed with plenty of delicious food on your holiday to Japan.

If you’ve only got 48 hours in Tokyo here’s our suggestion on how to spend your time:

Day One:

Hop on the metro and head to the Asakusa district to see Tokyo from the dizzy heights of the Skytree. At 634m high, it is the world’s tallest tower and offers amazing views over the city and, if you’re lucky you might see Mt Fuji in the distance.

Once you’ve taken in the views, head back down and wander over to Senso-ji, Tokyo’s oldest and most acclaimed temple. Always bustling with worshipping locals and tourists, there is a wonderfully vibrant atmosphere. Browse the stalls of the street market, grab some of the cooked-to-order snacks or explore the narrow alleys to find a more substantial lunch.

Ueno Park is full of fascinating museums and galleries – take your pick from the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, the National Museum of Nature and Science or, our recommendation, the Tokyo National Museum. Here you can wander through an impressive collection of art and artefacts, from Edo paintings to kimonos.

The lively district of Shibuya with its neon billboards, bars and restaurants is the perfect place to spend an evening. Disembark the train at Shibuya Station to experience the famous road crossing, before browsing the numerous boutique shops and grabbing a bite to eat. While here, why not indulge in the ultimate Japanese pastime and belt out a bit of karaoke?

Shibuya, Tokyo

Day Two:

While you could catch the 5am tuna auctions at Tsukiji Fish Market, arriving at the 9am still gives you plenty to see. Restaurateurs and locals shop here for fish. You can also grab a sushi breakfast at one of the many tiny shops. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city in Yoyogi Park – the perfect place to people watch. Here you’ll also find the Shinto Meiji Jingu Shrine which is dedicated to Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken.


Catch the metro to Tokyo Central terminal and stop for lunch on the station’s ‘Ramen Street’. Pick your food from the vending machine outside the shop and hand your ticket to the staff to get a delicious bowl of noodle soup.

Next door is Chiyoda, the district at the very heart of old Edo Tokyo known as the ‘centre of Japan’. Here you’ll find the Imperial Palace, home to the royal family – and explore buildings and gardens. The area also houses Hibiya Park, the National Museum of Modern Art and Yasukuni Shrine.

From here walk into Ginza, Tokyo’s luxury shopping and entertainment district where you’ll find interesting architecture, luxury brands, neon lights and tea houses to enjoy a traditional beverage.

You’ve now spent the perfect 48 hours in Tokyo! Find out even more on our Tokyo destination page.

One thought on “48 hours in Tokyo: Unique things to do in express time

  1. This was my 48 hours in Tokyo, returning from South Korea. Yokohama is really underplayed by the tour companies for some reason….

    Day 1
    Yokohama War Cemetery
    Yokohama China Town
    Yokohama Ferry from Yamashita Park to Sea side Park
    Yokohama Sea side Park
    Yokohama Land Mark Tower/Observatory

    Day 2
    Hokokuji Temple -Tea house & Bamboo Forest
    Robot Hotel (Henna Hotel) in Hamamatsucho
    Tokyo Tower (60th Birthday)
    Shibuya crossing, Hachiko
    Robot restaurant for dinner

    photos at end

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