Our Vietnam Guide: 4 Reasons to Visit Vietnam

Halong Bay, Vietnam guide

Overflowing with cultural vibrancy, Vietnam’s popularity is increasing as Australians search for new destinations to explore in Asia. Vietnam has all the things needed to make one fantastic travel experience. What more could you ask for in a holiday destination? At Wendy Wu Tours, we want to share with you our Vietnam guide to the […]

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Dumplings of Asia: Little Pockets of Joy

Learning how to make dumplings, dumplings of asia

Are you feeling hungry? Just the mere mention of dumplings can make your mouth water. Little, delicate parcels of deliciousness and joy! Asia is king of the dumpling and all dumpling roads tend to lead to China in some form or another. A self-confessed dumpling aficionado, Emma Prineas is the Senior PR and Marketing Manager […]

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Golden Triangle India: Energetic & Vibrant!

Amer Fort, Jaipur, Golden Triangle India

Golden Triangle India presents a world of colour, splendour and opulence. When you think of future India travels, imagine a region of ornate palaces, grand tributes to love, a rainbow of colour worn by the local Rajasthani people and a hustle and bustle that will awaken the senses! Wendy Wu Tours’ Reservations Supervisor, Aaron Phillips, […]

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