Golden Triangle India: Energetic & Vibrant!

Amer Fort, Jaipur, Golden Triangle India

Golden Triangle India presents a world of colour, splendour and opulence. When you think of future India travels, imagine a region of ornate palaces, grand tributes to love, a rainbow of colour worn by the local Rajasthani people and a hustle and bustle that will awaken the senses! Wendy Wu Tours’ Reservations Supervisor, Aaron Phillips, […]

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Traditional Japan – Step Back in Time

Geisha, Kyoto, traditional japan

Wendy Wu Tours team member Lachlan Burnet recently travelled on our Essential Japan tour. Anticipating a modern country, with neon signs and high tech-gadetry, Lachlan was pleasantly surprised by the timeless aspects of traditional Japan. He described it as ‘captivating, entrancing and fascinating’. Lachlan shares his fond memories about his step back in time during […]

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7 Benefits of Escorted Group Tours

Group on the Great Wall, escorted group tours

The independent travel versus group tours debate is one that consistently pops up. Who decided it had to be the extremes of one or the other? In some instances, there is no choice and a group tour is the only option (think Antarctica). In other instances, escorted group tours may be a better option to […]

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Top six reasons to discover Sri Lanka

Tea Pickers, Sri Lanka,discover Sri Lanka

Known as the ‘pearl of the Indian Ocean’ Sri Lanka is one of Asia’s best-kept secrets. Think golden beaches, rolling green tea plantations, enormous elephants, a fascinating heritage, and sincere smiles – that is Sri Lanka. There are an array of travel experiences that will help you to really get among it and discover Sri […]

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