History of Wendy Wu Tours

In 1994, Wendy Wu, a petroleum chemistry graduate, approached Barry Alsop at American Express Travel, expressing her desire to lead a group to China. Despite initial skepticism, Wendy returned a few months later, ready to depart with her group. Barry seemed surprised but impressed.

Looking back at this time, Wendy reflects; “When I led my first group to China in 1994 I thought that I might be able to grow my collection of tours to include two or three different itineraries…21 years later, I have almost 70 group itineraries to almost all countries in Asia.”

From this small beginning, Wendy continued to build her empire. In 1996 she added Vietnam to her list of destinations. She also established a local office in China to cater for her China Highlights tour. Wendy had a simple philosophy, to provide popular and comfortable packages with exceptional value – a value that still holds true today.

With her former manager’s blessings, Wendy Wu founded Wendy Wu Tours in 1998. A year later, the Sydney CBD office began operations with three dedicated staff, all still working with Wendy today.

The first Wendy Wu Tours China & Vietnam brochure.

The first Wendy Wu Tours China & Vietnam brochure.

The new millennium saw continued growth for the company. It was in 2000 that  the  first Wendy Wu Tours China & Vietnam brochure was printed.

In 2004, the company’s touring options expanded further in to Asia with the  incorporation of India. In 2005, they opened an office in London, followed by an office in New York in 2010. Earlier this year, Wendy Wu Tours established an office in Auckland.

In 2014, Wendy Wu Tours began operating Singapore Airlines Holidays in Australia, a proud moment reflecting high standards. For three years, they’ve been nominated as Best International Tour Operator in Australia at the National Travel Industry Awards.

Wendy, a pioneer in group travel to China, maintains her passion after 21 years. She expresses excitement about exploring the fascinating and beautiful countries in the region. Wendy credits the success to their dedicated National Escorts and Local Guides.

Wendy Wu Tours offers diverse, fully inclusive group tours, private tours, and tailor-made holidays across Central and Southeast Asia, China, Japan, India, Taiwan, Mongolia, and South Korea. They’ve built strong relationships for the best service and strive to create unique travel experiences that customers will cherish.

Mr and Mrs Williams, Highlights of Sri Lanka, April 2013.

“After doing seven or eight tours with Wendy Wu Tours, over a period of 12 years we have noticed a vast improvement with each tour. Our recent tour of Sri Lanka would stand out as our best in all aspects…coaches, hotels, food and hospitality and an extremely first class tour guide. Once again, thank you for a great tour and we are hoping for many more.”

2 thoughts on “History of Wendy Wu Tours

  1. I first traveled with Wendy Wu in 1999. I saw a small (and I mean small) ad in the paper about a 28 day trip to China, all inclusive, a good price. I rang and was sent the details… a four week trip was detailed on one A4 photocopied sheet. Looked good, and when i showed it to a friend at work she decided to come along.
    The trip was fantastic. Well organised, Great value for money. Nothing disappointed. Wendy actually turned up at Sydney airport to check us in and see us off.
    Since then I have traveled with Wendy Wu to Mongolia, Silk Road, Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos, Bhutan and Nepal. All great and I continually recommend Wendy Wu tours to other travelers.
    After the trip to Mongolia (I think it was the first tour to this destination) I wrote to the company to give feedback. There were a few hiccups and I wanted to be constructive. One evening the following week i received a phone call from Wendy.We were on the phone for a long time as we discussed various parts of the tour and she asked more about my suggestions and comments.
    Keep doing the great job you do! Thank you.

  2. I have just arrived back from a solo tour to Vietnam. The hotels were good, the itinerary good, the guide good and some amazing highlights. Train Street, the cruise in Halong Bay, the cooking lesson, the night walk in Saigon and much more.
    The name of our guide was Ngo Duc Dung aka Robin. He couldn’t do enough for us.
    We had no decisions to make except for 2 nights when we ate at Western restaurants about whether to have lasagna or pizza! It was great to have everything organised for one. Set menus of Vietnamese food were delicious especially in Hanoi at 5 spice. The worst food was Cafe Downtown, also Hanoi. Apart from that I enjoyed the food. Also a good mix of different styles of restaurants.
    Am looking for my next solo Asian adventure with Wendy Wu next year. It was a lot of fun.

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