Japan is like nowhere else in the world. It’s isolated history and rich culture has enabled this unique civilisation to blossom over the years, and today it thrives in an eclectic mix of contrasting traditional and modern way of life. It has one of the world’s most advanced economies, but it is the Japanese spirit, which is strong, warm, and incredibly welcoming, which has enabled the maintenance of a very traditional society. From food and clothing to worship and customs, your experience in Japan will be like no other anywhere in the world.

Over the years, Japan has observed and refined the cultural treasures of Asia, to create something distinctly Japanese. So from the beauty of a Kyoto geisha dance to the fascination of a Zen rock garden, Japan has the power to enthral every visitor traveller. Traditional culture is only half the story: a growing contemporary-art scene and an appetite for western pop-music all help shape the fascinating old-meets-new cultural landscape.

Japanese cuisine is another great reason to visit Japan. You can sample all the regional specialities in many sublime restaurants on your travels. Try just one meal in a top-flight Tokyo sushi restaurant – and sample fresh noodles at a station counter – and you’ll see why. The Japanese attention to detail is immense and their presentation and the use of the finest ingredients results in food like no other.

Japan has so much to offer from taking in Mount Fuji to exploring the coral reefs of Okinawa, walking the streets of Kyoto to taking a bullet train, exploring Buddhist temples to visiting Hiroshima, and taking in a Geisha Dance to joining in the Karaoke, you really will be amazed by this fascinating country.

And you never have to travel far in Japan to get out into nature: in major hubs like Kyoto, just a short trip from the city will get you into forested mountains. Come in spring and see the famous cherry blossoms that scent the city with their delicate fragrance.

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12 Days from

Immerse yourself in the unique and fascinating culture of Japan. Encompassing the essentials with natural wonders, imperial heritage and mystical surprises, this tour incorporates a number of experiences that give your holiday a truly authentic edge.

14 Days from

Japan is a country of contrasts, where ancient gods rub shoulders with modern technology, skyscrapers give way to paddy fields and crowds disperse into the tranquillity of a classical garden. This tour is the perfect introduction to this fascinating archipelago.

9 Days from

Take a week to discover the key highlights of this astounding country. Stand amongst the neon lights and skyscrapers of Tokyo, explore the regal grandeur of Kyoto, and admire the perfect symmetry of Mount Fuji. This whirlwind tour delves into Japan’s most important cities and the naturally scenic area of Hakone.

13 Days from

Japan is an island of unique culture and sky-high thinking. Explore this incredible nation in style, travelling from Tokyo to Osaka, passing under the watchful peak of Mt Fuji and experiencing all the quintessential elements of Japan as you go.

14 Days from

Traditional versus modern, nature versus urban – Japan is a land of contrasts. This exhilarating tour encompasses it all, delving deeper into Japan's rich past, present and future, covering robot restaurants to tranquil temples to potent saké and all that's in between.

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Japan Map

At a glance

Time difference: Australian EST -1 hour
Flight Time:  Approx 10 hours 
Visa Required: No
Currency: Japanese Yen (JPY)
Tel Code:   +81
Population:  127,288,000
Official Language:  Japanese
Main Religion:  Shinto
Airlines: Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines

Meet the Experts

Andrea Barr, Japan Tailor-Made Specialist – Reservations Department

What do you love about Japan? I love the people and the culture. Even in the busy cities, the Japanese people are polite and thoughtful. The culture is very eclectic – from traditional temples, shrines and geisha to crazy pop culture like robot restaurants, cat cafes and the youth mecca of Harajuku. I like that Japan keeps you guessing!

Must see locations: Kyoto is my favourite city in Japan. In particular, wandering through the bright orange gates of the Fushimi Inari-Taisha Shrine and grounds of the Golden Pavilion should not be missed.

Favourite Japanese food? The food in Japan is an art-form in itself. If I had to choose one dish, I would say Saikyo Yaki, which is a miso-marinated fish (generally salmon).

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