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From Asia to South America & Beyond, see our range destinations and start planning your trip

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Far East

  • Discover China

    Diverse and rich, China is home to the Great Wall and Terracotta Warriors, cute pandas, vibrant cities and serene landscapes.

  • Discover Japan

    In Japan, you'll discover a unique and dynamic culture that effortlessly combines ultra-modern with deep tradition.

  • Discover Mongolia

    A country of vast wilderness and endless horizons inhabited by hardy nomads, Mongolia is unique, unspoilt and pristine.

  • Discover South Korea
    South Korea

    An unexplored land of ancient ruins, natural wonders, extraordinary landscapes and bustling modern mega cities.

  • Discover Taiwan

    Decidedly off the beaten track Taiwan boasts magnificent scenery, vibrant cities and fabulous food.

  • Discover Hong Kong
    Hong Kong

    An explosion of motion and sound, Hong Kong dazzles with an intoxicating East meets West vibe.

  • Discover Macau

    From its Portuguese-Chinese heritage to its vibrant food scene, Macau has established itself as one of Asia's most fascinating destinations.

Discover Far East

Southeast Asia

  • Discover Vietnam

    A country of epic scenic beauty from misty mountains to island strewn bays, unique heritage and mouth-watering cuisine.

  • Discover Cambodia

    A little country with a huge heart. Discover the jungle strewn ruins of Angkor, cosmopolitan Phnom Penh and the mighty Mekong.

  • Discover Myanmar

    The epitome of the exotic Orient. Leave the modern world behind amidst the friendly humble people of magical Myanmar.

  • Discover Laos

    Southeast Asia's most tranquil destination is the place to relax and unwind amongst abundant nature and golden spired temples.

  • Discover Thailand

    The perfect introduction to Southeast Asia, both exotic and familiar with vibrant cities, historic treasures and sublime beaches.

  • Discover Indonesia

    An archipelago of 17,000 islands that is home to jaw-dropping white beaches, lofty volcanoes, untamed jungles and even dragons!

  • Discover Malaysia

    The quintessential melting pot blending Asian and European influences amidst cities, rainforests, highlands and incredible natural diversity.

  • Discover Philippines

    A lesser visited jewels blessed with stunning highlands, cute wildlife and a Spanish colonial heritage that is unique in Asia.

  • Discover Singapore

    Singapore is a perfect blend of the east and the west, with an interesting cultural mix of Chinese, Malay and European influences.

Discover Southeast Asia

Central Asia

  • Discover Georgia

    A country of fascinating heritage and scenic beauty, that stretches from the snowy Caucasus to the beaches of the Black Sea.

  • Discover Kyrgyzstan

    A nation tucked into the heart of Central Asia, defined by its natural beauty and proud nomadic traditions.

  • Discover Turkmenistan

    Be seduced by the ruins of ancient cities, boundless steppes, the Karakum Desert and incredible Darvaza Crater.

  • Discover Uzbekistan

    A cradle of culture for more than two millennia and the proud home to a mesmerising collection of Silk Road cities.

  • Discover Armenia

    Amidst snow-capped mountains and dramatic gorges find spectacular medieval churches and monasteries.

  • Discover Azerbaijan

    Home to one of the great Silk Road cities, Baku, stark deserts, quaint fishing towns and plentiful historical sites.

  • Discover Kazakhstan

    The most developed of the 'Stans' where the ancient and modern, traditions and innovation intertwine.

  • Discover Tajikistan

    An enigmatic mountainous destination boasting Buddhist stupas, Silk Road relics and nomadic herders

Discover Central Asia

Indian Subcontinent

  • Discover India

    Discover incredible cultural diversity, historic riches and scenic variety that is almost beyond compare in incredible India

  • Discover Sri Lanka
    Sri Lanka

    An island of spirit and spice, Sri Lanka enjoys historical wonders, exciting wildlife and the balmy beaches of the Indian Ocean.

  • Discover Bhutan

    The Land of the Thunder Dragon is a unique destination with a perfectly preserved Buddhist culture and magnificent mountain scenery

  • Discover Nepal

    Nepal boasts sky-scraping peaks of the Himalayas, home to yaks and Sherpa and lush plains where tigers and rhinos roam free.

Discover Indian Subcontinent


  • Discover Australia

    Australia is home to some of the worlds most magnificent natural wonders, an abundance of unique wildlife and culinary delights.

  • Discover New Zealand
    New Zealand

    The land of the long white cloud is home to unique history, a vibrant culture and spectacular natural scenery.

Discover Australasia

South America

  • Discover Peru

    Discover enchanting lost cities, starkly beautiful landscapes, romantic colonial towns and a plethora of woolly llamas!

  • Discover Brazil

    Follow the samba beat along golden beaches, to thundering waterfalls and thrilling effervescent cities.

  • Discover Chile

    A country of pristine wilderness from lunar deserts and turquoise lakes to soaring volcanoes and vast glaciers.

  • Discover Colombia

    An equatorial gold mine of spectacular landscapes, mysterious ancient civilisations and charming pueblos.

  • Discover Argentina

    The land of beef, wine, football and tango, Come for the stunning scenery but fall in love with the way of life.

  • Discover Bolivia

    A destination for the adventure-lover that soars high into the Andes and drops low into the steamy Amazon.

  • Discover Uruguay

    A laid back and sophisticated nation that is the place to experience genuine life and connect with friendly locals.

  • Discover Ecuador

    A pocket gem replete with lofty volcanoes, misty forests, colonial history and incredible wildlife encounters.

Discover South America


  • Discover Antarctica

    A pristine wilderness replete with ethereal beauty, abundant wildlife and tales of explorers from a bygone era.

Discover Antarctica

Middle East

  • Discover Israel

    Israel, the Holy Land to many, is a country of astounding antiquity, deep spirituality and striking contrast.

  • Discover Jordan

    Discover crusader castles and roman ruins, desert oases and the hidden treasure of the iconic Rose Red City of Petra.

  • Discover Egypt

    Tracing its history back to the time of the ancient Pharaohs, Egypt is home to the epic pyramids, mysterious mummies and the majestic River Nile.

  • Discover Oman

    Discover a glorious history and authentic Arabia amongst the mountains and deserts of Oman's unspoilt landscape.

Discover Middle East