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Egypt Holidays

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Tracing its history back to the time of the ancient Pharaohs, Egypt is the home to the epic pyramids, intricate hieroglyphics, mysterious mummies and the majestic River Nile. But look closer, and you will find a history laced with ingenious inventions; the 365-day calendar and paper and pen from the reeds that grew beside the river to name a few.

The saying ‘Egypt is the gift of the Nile’ still rings true today, with the mighty river a great way to discover the beauty of the landscapes from the waters that run through the length of the country. Take a leisurely cruise and admire the awe-inspiring monuments studding the banks of the river where one of the oldest civilisations in the world first began.

Egypt is split into 4 regions: the Nile Valley, the Western Desert, the Eastern Desert, and Sinai Peninsula. Each region has its own individualities and customs worth showcasing.

The Valley of the Kings gives an insight into Ancient Egyptian burial practices, and, as Egypt is the melting pot of different religions and cultures, the many temples, mosques and monasteries dedicated to respective gods are a must-see when visiting this diverse and exotic land.

Top Holidays to Egypt

Egypt offers a wealth of wonderful sights and experiences. What better way to explore them than on a Wendy Wu tour?

  • Dreams of Egypt Tour

    Dreams of Egypt

    13 days from $8,780pp

    • Cairo
    • Alexandria
    • Luxor
    • Nile
    • Aswan
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  • Egypt & Jordan Adventure Tour

    Egypt & Jordan Adventure

    20 days from $12,480pp

    • Cairo
    • Alexandria
    • Luxor
    • Nile River
    • Aswan
    • Amman
    • Petra
    • Wadi Rum
    • Dead Sea
    View Tour
  • Egypt, Jordan & Israel Explored Tour

    Egypt, Jordan & Israel Explored

    27 days from $16,480pp

    • Cairo
    • Alexandria
    • Luxor
    • Nile River
    • Aswan
    • Amman
    • Petra
    • Wadi Rum
    • Dead Sea
    • Tel Aviv
    • Tiberias
    • Bethlehem
    • Jerusalem
    View Tour
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Things to see in Egypt

No trip to Egypt would be complete without seeing one of the wonders listed below.

  • Discover Hatshepsut Temple
    Hatshepsut Temple

    Masterpiece of landscape architecture built three thousand years ago for one of Egypt's earliest female pharaohs.

  • Discover Saqqara

    Old Kingdom capital that is home to the first pyramids of Egypt built in the 27th century BC.

  • Discover The Pyramids of Giza
    The Pyramids of Giza

    Titanic structures, the last surviving 'Wonder of the ancient world' constructed over 4,000 years ago.

Amazing places to see in Egypt

  • Discover Alexandria

    Founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC and renowned in antiquity for its long-lost library and colossal lighthouse

  • Discover Cairo

    A jumble of ancient, medieval and modern, Cairo exudes a sense of romantic nostalgia.

Useful and Interesting

We all enjoy a good fact or two - here are a few useful ones about Egypt:

  • Time Difference - AEST -8
  • Approx. Flight Time - 16 hours
  • Visa Required? - Yes
  • Capital City - Cairo
  • Population - 98.42 million
  • Dialing Code - +20
  • Currency - Egyptian Pound

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