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Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms known in Japanese as ‘Sakura’ have dazzled the world for centuries and continue to excite both visitors and locals. With their radiant, delicate beauty, the sea of soft pink flowers have romanced the Japanese for years - they even have a word to symbolise heading outdoors to appreciate them – ‘Hanami’ which translates to ‘looking at flowers’.

A symbol of renewal and hope, cherry blossoms have powerful ties to Japan’s history, culture and identity. With over 200 different varieties, the wave of pink, which sweeps the country in March announces the arrival of spring, symbolising human life, transience and honour.

Across Japan’s diverse landscape, the magical moment of blooming occurs from March to April starting in the sub-tropical south of Tokyo and Kyoto around the first week of April (timing can vary depending on the weather). Once in full bloom the Japanese love to celebrate and cherish the season by taking strolls and having picnics under the pink petals which gently float to the ground.

Cherry blossom season is one of the most sought after travel experiences, and the small window of opportunity to visit means places fill up extremely fast.
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Guide to the blooms

  • Japan during cherry blossom season is one of the most magical nature experiences - the country is bathed in sea of pink as the trees are located everywhere.
  • Despite the short blooming period - the trees are only in bloom from about 10 days, it is easy to experience this wonderful part of Japanese culture provided you're visiting during the right season.
  • The exact full bloom date is unpredictable, however it generally takes place around the first week of April. For example, April 4 2020 and March 29 2019.
  • The cherry blossom season in Japan starts in the warmer weather first, and since Japan has varying climates ranging from subtropical to subartic, they don't all bloom in the same place at once - meaning greater flexibility and a higher chance to see them when travelling.
  • See cherry blossom from February in the south, to April in the north and plan to visit for two weeks so you can make the most of Japan’s pink picturesque scenery.

Start Date

Mon, March 22, 2021

End Date

Sat, April 10, 2021

Cherry Blossoms Cherry Blossoms Cherry Blossoms

Best Places To Find Cherry Blossoms

  • Lake Kawaguchiko
    This location has the best photo shots next to Mount Fuji, the celebrated tallest mountain in Japan.
  • Kyoto - Philosopher's Path
    There are hundreds of cherry blossoms that follow this path for around 2km and is easily one of the most beautiful spots.
  • Tokyo - Shijuku Gyoen
    Within Tokyo's own Shibuya is this famous park, with around 1000 cherry blossoms blooming here in a 50 hectare area with tea houses, ponds, and beautiful viewing areas. Japanese families come to participate in 'Hanami' - which is having picnics and relaxing under the trees.
  • Nara - Mt Yoshino
    Within Nara, the first cherry trees were planted almost 1300 years ago on the mountainsides and there are around 30,000 of them. Osaka is the closest main city and easy to get to Nara from there.
  • Osaka Castle Park
    Osaka castle is an impressive site, bit with over 3000 cherry blossom tress added to the mix then this place becomes pictire perfect. Osaka castle is also famous for its plum blossoms.

These cherry blossom spots are all beautiful, you may find your own best spots on your journey. Since the trees are everywhere, you are sure to bump into your own perfect Japanese moment.

There are also cherry blossoms in South Korea. The most well-known cherry blossom festival in Seoul is the Yeouido Cherry Blossom festival. It is also known as the Yeongdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival. During the cherry blossom festival, you can see about 1,400 cherry trees in full bloom.

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