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Things to do in Japan

Discover Authentic Experiences in Japan with Wendy Wu Tours

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To make sure you truly immerse yourself in the culture of Japan we pack every single one of our tours to Japan with authentic cultural experiences.

We've highlighted our favourite ones on each tour but here are just a few examples of what you can look forward to

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  • Morning Prayers with Monks

    Enjoy the peace and serenity inspired by the sacred chanting of Buddhist monks as you join them for their morning prayers in a beautiful 13th-century temple.

  • Tokyo's Robot Restaurant

    A unique and utterly Japanese experience, an evening at Tokyo's Robot Restaurant is an unforgettable experience featuring loud music, neon lights and plenty of robot performances!

  • Try Taiko Drumming

    Have a go at traditional drumming with a Taiko drumming class, taking part in an energetic and age-old ensemble performance on big, floor tom drums.

  • Visit the Home of Sapporo Beer

    Discover Japan's only beer museum, the home of Sapporo Beer, to learn all about its development and production and, for those who want to, a few cheeky tasters as well!

  • See the views from Okurayuma View Point

    Ascend 307 metres to the Okurayuma view point, a ski jump used in the 1972 Winter Olympics, and still active today, for spectacular views over snow-covered landscapes and the city of Sapporo.

  • Sapporo Snow Festival

    Explore the Sapporo Snow Festival with its spectacular ice sculptures, some reaching 20 metres in height, magically lit up, as well as musical performances and delicious food.

  • Ride Japan's Bullet Train

    No visit to Japan would be complete without a ride on the world-famous bullet train, so sit back and relax as you travel at 200 miles per hour through Japan's landscapes.

  • Experience a Tea Ceremony

    Experience the perfect display of Japanese culture, witness the preparation and performance involved in the 'Way of Tea', a traditional tea ceremony.

  • Learn about Zen Meditation

    Begin your journey towards inner peace learning the basics of Zen meditation in the tranquil surroundings of a beautiful old temple in Kyoto.

  • Take in the views from Orizuru Tower

    Ascend to the observation deck of the new Orizuru Tower. Rising high above Hiroshima it offers beautiful views over the Peace Memorial Park, the A-Bomb Dome and the city as a whole.

  • Bikan Historical Quarter

    Wander through the delightful Bikan Historical Quarter, stretched along Kurashiki’s Edo Period canals, taking in the picturesque scenes of weeping willows, old stone bridges and lovely, traditional architecture.

  • Cross Tokyo's Famous Shibuya Crossing

    Arguably the world's most famous pedestrian crossing, seen in many a film and television show, witness the organised chaos and bright lights of Tokyo's Shibuya Crossing for yourself.

  • Visit Kubota Itchiku's Art Museum

    Admire the elaborately dyed silk creations of artist Kubota Itchiku at his eponymous art museum. Itchiku singlehandedly revived the traditional and beautiful technique of 'tsujigahana'.

  • Visit a Wasabi Farm

    One of Japan's most famous condiments, wasabi, is an essential element in Japanese cuisine. Learn about its cultivation on a traditional farm and admire the landscapes.

  • Handkerchief Dyeing

    Try your hand at the traditional art of handkerchief dyeing in a workshop of a handicraft village – you'll get to create beautiful colours and patterns working with the dyes.

  • Spend the Night in a Ryokan

    Spend the night in a ryokan, a centuries-old style of guesthouse that offers the ultimate Japanese experience! Sleep on futons and tatami mats, dine on traditional food and bathe in the relaxing warm waters of an onsen.

  • Mount Aso

    Gaze over Mount Aso, Japan's largest volcano and the smaller volcanoes within its huge crater (one of which is active), and admire the incredible scenery that surrounds it.

  • Cruise on the Yanagawa River

    Cruise the picturesque Yanagawa River on a 'donkobune', a poled riverboat. It's a perfect and peaceful way to enjoy sights such as Yanagawa Castle and the traditional architecture of Yanagawa's canals.

  • Relax at a Beppu Hot Spring Resort

    Visit one of Japan's most famous hot spring resorts, Beppu, and soak away any aches, pains and tiredness in the mineral rich waters of your hotel's onsen pools.

  • Learn about Washi Paper Making

    Discover the traditional process of paper making before getting your hands dirty making 'washi' (Japanese paper) the age-old way.

  • The Art of Gold Leaf Making

    Join a dedicated craftsperson in a small workshop to learn all about the lovely and intricate art of gold leaf making, discover what the gold leaf is then used for and have a go at doing it yourself!

  • Learn about Miso Seasoning

    Learn all about the traditional production of an essential element of Japanese cooking, the fermented soybean paste 'miso', at an old wooden miso house.

  • Learn the Art of Origami

    Take part in a handicraft experience - the traditions and techniques of the intricate art of origami. You'll learn to fold some of the simpler, but still impressive, shapes and designs.

  • Try your hand at Soba Noodle making

    The buckwheat soba noodle is one of Japan's most famous culinary exports - try your hand at making them from scratch, before feasting on the delicious results for lunch.

  • Learn about Geisha Culture

    The most iconic symbol of Japanese culture, no trip to Japan is complete without at least a glimpse of a geisha. On this tour you'll meet a geisha in Kyoto and learn about their fascinating culture.

  • Cruise on Tokyo Bay

    Embark on a relaxed dinner cruise on the waters of Tokyo Bay, enabling you to look back and admire the bright, twinkling lights of the city by night.

  • Traditional Japan Tea Ceremony

    Experience the perfect display of Japanese culture as you witness the preparation and performance involved in the 'Way of Tea', a traditional tea ceremony.

  • Ancient Calligraphy Class

    With traditional brushes, ink and paper, try your hand at the beautiful art of calligraphy, an important aspect of Japanese culture since its introduction from China in the 6th century.

  • Sake Tasting

    Embark on a tour of a sake brewery, where you'll see first hand the traditional process used to brew the rice wine that is Japan's national beverage and have a few cheeky tasters.

  • Japanese Fan Painting

    Visit an historic Kyoto-fan house to try your hand at the art of Japanese fan painting, practised for over a thousand years and still alive today.

  • Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine

    Stroll through the scores of vast torii gates to the 800-year-old Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, a beautiful structure dedicated to the god of samurai in the heart of Kamakura.

  • Edo-Tokyo Museum

    Explore the fascinating cultural heritage of Tokyo, learn what shaped this most impressive city and get a glimpse of what life was like through the ages at theTokyo-Edo Museum

  • Momiji Manju

    Under the guidance of a skilled instructor, try your hand at making Momiji manju (maple leaf bean buns), Miyajima's most famous confectionary for over a hundred years.

  • Sake Cup Making

    Learn about the role of the masu sake cup in Japan's culture before stepping into the studio to make your very own cup with an original design, which you can then take home as a souvenir!

  • Learn to make Sushi

    Discover the history and etiquette of making and appreciating sushi with a hands-on lesson before sitting down with your instructing chef to enjoy Japan's most famous cuisine. It's the taking part that counts!