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Places to visit in Japan

Discover the best places to go in Japan with Wendy Wu Tours

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So you are interested in visiting Japan but you don’t know where to begin.

To get you started here's our guide to the best places to visit in Japan. Click on the tiles to learn more about what makes each place special, including the must see attractions and how to discover them on a Wendy Wu Tour.

For the real lowdown on the best places to go in Japan and expert friendly advice on how to plan your trip, give our travel experts a call.

Top Places to go in Japan

  • Discover Kyoto

    The image of classical Japan, Kyoto has learned the art of balancing its incredibly old, rich culture with the contemporary world.

  • Discover Tokyo

    One of the world’s largest cities, Tokyo is a huge fascinating patchwork of fascinating districts and neighbourhoods.

  • Discover Osaka

    Tokyo's rebellious younger sibling renowned for its quirky personality. Nicknamed 'Japan's Kitchen' after its love of food.

  • Discover Kyushu

    Gorgeous Kyushu island is renowned for its breath-taking natural beauty, rejuvenating hot springs, superb food, and unique history.

  • Discover Hiroshima

    A vibrant and happy-go-lucky metropolis, Hiroshima has emerged from the ashes of the atom bomb a peaceful place.

  • Discover Sapporo

    Best known for its proximity to fantastic ski slopes and its annual Snow and Ice Festival, Sapporo also boasts a big foodie scene.

  • Discover Nara

    Nara is one of Japan’s former capital cities from the 8th century and remains full of historic treasures, including 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

  • Discover Fukuoka

    On Kyushu Island, the most south-westerly of Japan’s four main islands lies the cosmopolitan Fukuoka City.

  • Discover Miyagi

    Nestled on the Pacific east coast of Honshu, Miyagi is a special place of snow-capped mountains and breathtaking coastal scenery.

  • Discover Yokohama

    Bright and breezy Yokohama boasts a charming shoreline, cosmopolitan dining and one of the world's largest Chinatowns.

  • Discover Aichi Prefecture
    Aichi Prefecture

    Aichi is full of national parks, castles, ancient shrines, and Samurai history, as well as plenty of tech-related attractions.

  • Discover Kobe

    Perfectly compact and easy to explore, cool is the prevailing atmosphere in Kobe. The city is best known, however, for its iconic beef.

  • Discover Iwate Prefecture
    Iwate Prefecture

    Iwate prefecture is known for its spectacular Pacific coastline, forests, soaring peaks and rural culture.

  • Discover Saitama Prefecture
    Saitama Prefecture

    Right on the doorstep of Tokyo, you'll find a wealth of Edo heritage in the area as well as a surprising amount of natural beauty.

  • Discover Oita Prefecture
    Oita Prefecture

    Over 70% of Oita Prefecture is covered with forest and volcanic terrain of beautiful, lush valleys, peaks and gorges.

  • Discover Shizuoka Prefecture
    Shizuoka Prefecture

    Home to iconic Mt Fuji, Shizuoka's is also called the Japanese Riviera, thanks to its beautiful stretches of easily accessible sand.

  • Discover Kanazawa

    Kanazawa has a long history of cultural achievements and rivals other more well-known cities such as Kyoto and Tokyo.

  • Discover Nagano

    Nagano city is the capital of Nagano prefecture. It is a perfect home for one of its greatest and cutest attractions, the snow monkey.