Is flying safe? Seven reasons why flying is the best way to travel

Singapore Airlines, flying safe

Over the last decade, air travel has received a lot of attention on the nightly news. A number of tragic global incidents have given travellers cause to ponder – is flying safe anymore? Sometimes, Mother Nature does not play nice and volcano eruptions, storms, and even bird strikes can cause lengthy delays and cancellations. This […]

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Travel to Singapore for a romantic soiree on Valentine’s Day

travel to Singapore

Forget the obligatory roses and chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Instead, shift cupid’s arrow into top romantic gear and travel to Singapore for the best date-night you may ever have. From water level to high altitude, there are so many perfect couple moments to enjoy, because Singapore is one of Asia’s most vibrant cities. Whatever sparks […]

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Asia Winter Wonderlands: Add Asia to the Christmas list for an extraordinary festive holiday!

Summer Palace, Beijing China asia winter

We all know about the trademark white Christmas. What many travellers don’t know is that a festive holiday with all the traditional trimmings is possible in an Asia winter wonderland. Not only will you get the tinsel and the snow, there are some of the best celebrations in the world still untainted by mass tourism […]

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Capturing Eden: An amateurs guide to photographing Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay at night, gardens by the bay

Gardens by the Bay is visual artistry. This is one of Asia’s foremost garden destinations – and a 250-acre ‘happy-snap’ paradise! It’s spectacular, but overwhelming when it comes to capturing the visual narrative that is Gardens by the Bay. Between this plant kingdom, its stunning modern architecture, and colourful events, where do you start? From […]

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Get Wonderfully Lost in Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay

Step into a world where wonder blooms! Discover the best of horticultural, sustainability and also architectural design at the award-winning Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay. Displaying more than one million plants from more than 5,000 species, from every continent except Antarctica, Gardens by the Bay should be on the to-do list for all travellers to Singapore. […]

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