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Tailor-Made Tour of Borneo: Top Five Reasons Why One Could Be for You

Borneo is the third-largest island in the world. If you have a passion for nature, wildlife, and adventure, you will fall in love with Borneo. This unique destination is an eclectic mix of culture and memorable nature-based travel experiences. With so much on offer, we think the best way to see Borneo is on a tailor-made tour!

Don’t believe us? Keep reading to learn about John & Charyl’s recent tour of Borneo and their top five reasons to visit the country on a private tailor-made tour.

1. Max Flexibility and Max Choice

Borneo is a truly remarkable place where the great outdoors thrive and the local people welcome you into their traditions and lifestyle. There are so many places you will want to visit. Float down the Kinabatangan River spotting wildlife as you go or stand in the shadow of the majestic Mt Kinabalu.

Exploring by river gives close nature encounters

Exploring by river gives close nature encounters

Not everyone likes to stick to the trail and some people like ultimate flexibility when travelling. On a tailor-made tour, you can pick and choose your itinerary to best suit your needs. For John and Charyl, while travelling in Borneo they woke up one morning with a tea craving! Problem solved, their guide quickly organised a change in itinerary and they were off to visit the Sabah Tea plantation at Ranau.

2. Can’t pick which Borneo tour to do because they all sound amazing? No need to choose, combine them all!

It can often be overwhelming looking at the sheer number of tours on offer to you and you can find yourself making a pro and con lists narrowing down and still have three tours you can’t choose between. With tailor-made tours all your problems are solved because you can combine your favourite parts of all tours. Combining the Kuching Adventure, Kota Kinabalu City Stay and Wildlife Adventure to create a unique Borneo experience. For John and Charyl, with the added bonus of a few extra days for independent travel opportunities, the trip was a huge success.

Kinabalu National Park

Kinabalu National Park

 3. Extra-privatised travel

As a couple, John and Charyl preferred to travel privately with the opportunity to receive ‘one on one’ treatment with private guides and drivers. This added independent free time meant the trip was an extraordinarily special holiday. There really is no better way to experience Borneo than with your own local expert. Be guided through Kinabalu National Park, a magnificent botanical garden with an amazing experience at Poring Canopy Walkway through a very narrow suspension bridge 40 metres above the forest canopy.

Discover the surrounds of Kinabalu

Discover the surrounds of Kinabalu

4. Accommodation for any budget

Accommodation across Borneo ranges from budget hotels to grand old architectural beauties and also beach resorts. The choice of hotel style and the standard is completely up to you on a tailor-made tour. For John and Charyl, the two-night stay in Aiman Longhouse Resort in Ai Batang was a standout, only accessible by speedboat. With breathtaking views of the Batang Ai National Park, the hotel was the ultimate in relaxation therapy. They also recommended The Hilton in Kuching; home to some of the best tasting meals under a modern roof.

 5. Highlights Highlights Highlights

With a tailor-made tour, you can pick our all your favourite destinations from group tours and pack them into your itinerary. Here are John and Charyl’s favourites.

  • Enjoying a boat ride on the quiet waters of the Menanggul River. Seeing proboscis monkeys high in the trees is a memory you will never forget.
  • Paying respects at the Australian POW War Memorial; a fine tribute to the bravest soldiers who lost their lives during the occupation of Borneo by the Japanese during World War II.
  • Explore the Gomantong Caves, an intricate system of limestone caves that are home to colonies of swiftlets and also bats.
  • Feast on more than your stomach can hold with rich cultural foods such as Sarawak laksa and also Sago.

Gomantong Caves

Borneo has so much to offer for any budget and any type of traveller. With a beautiful photogenic landscape to the kind locals, you may never want to come home!

Search for orangutans

Search for orangutans

Speak our reservations team about a private tailor-made tour today.

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