Japan’s Temples and Shrines – A Brief Guide

Entrance to Senso-ji Temple in Tokyo, temples and shrines

Temples and shrines, shrines and temples. It is impossible to wander a neighbourhood in Japan without passing at least one temple or shrine. They are some of the most peaceful locations you’re likely to find. There are around 100,000 Shinto shrines and 80,000 Buddhism temples throughout Japan where locals visit and pray. They are also very popular […]

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Cherry Blossom Fever in Japan (And Why You Want to Catch It)

Cherry Blossoms

As the snow melts and spring makes its warmer presence felt in Japan, the cherry blossom trees burst into bloom. A curtain of pink and white flowers delicately envelopes Japan’s streets, waterways, temples, houses and parks. Japan is then in the midst of cherry blossom fever. The cherry blossoms are a national (and international) obsession, with […]

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Capturing Eden: An amateurs guide to photographing Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay at night, gardens by the bay

Gardens by the Bay is visual artistry. This is one of Asia’s foremost garden destinations – and a 250-acre ‘happy-snap’ paradise! It’s spectacular, but overwhelming when it comes to capturing the visual narrative that is Gardens by the Bay. Between this plant kingdom, its stunning modern architecture, and colourful events, where do you start? From […]

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