China! – The Wendy Wu Way

We love receiving feedback and images from customers, and on this unique occasion we have instead received a poem, China! – The Wendy Wu Way, by Mr King. It’s so fantastic that we thought it was best to be shared, and maybe you will feel inspired to write something too.



We’ve gathered together our little group

From various parts of the world

To visit China the Wendy Wu way

As slowly the country unfurled

Passengers on Rickshaw Ride, Beijing China!

Mr & Mrs King, Rickshaw ride through Beijing

Now who’s the one responsible

For controlling this rag-tag team

It’s charming Ruby our mother duck

She’s the best! – if you know what I mean


For if ever there is a problem

She’s there to sort it all out

If ever there is a question

She’ll answer it – or else she’ll find out

Great Wall of China, Beijing China!

Great Wall of China, Beijing

We first visited the Great Wall of China

And heard how it all came to be

This was followed by the Summer Palace

Now open for everyone to see

Next an overnight train to Xian

For the Terracotta Warriors – naturally

Thousands were smashed, some now repaired

Put on show for just you and me


We’ve seen Bell Towers, Drum Towers, Pagodas

Temples and city lights as well

Together with old parts of cities

So far the trip has been swell


The drivers and guides have done a first class job

Of showing us and getting us about

They’re all so proud of the job they do. . . . . . . .

Presenting their country – of that there’s no doubt

Yangtze River Cruising China!

Yangtze River Cruising

For we sailed along part of the Yangtze

Greatest river that China can boast

We’ve visited the Hydro, gone up the locks

It’s a project this country can boast


We departed the boat – our next highlight to have

In Chengdu for the Great Panda bears

A national treasure of this fair land

Fear of extinction raised great many fears


The Stone Forrest area of Kunming

Was our next unusual – right?

Millennia ago it was good ol’e sea bed

Now weathered it’s a spectacular sight.

Stone Forest, Kunming China!

Stone Forest, Kunming

It’s not easy being a tourist

Though people might envy us so

There’s a price to pay for our experiences

Here’s a couple just to put them in the know


There can be hours and hours cooped in coaches

Gauging drinking with stops along the route

Early morning rises – there’s traffic to beat

Or planes to catch just to boot


There are sellers who want you to buy things

Whether you really want them or not

They’re persistent after all it’s their existence

As Government support is not of their lot

Li River in Guilin China!

Li River, Guilin

There are many more things to contend with

But you learn to take it in stride

Just “go with the flow” – a common saying

Is right as you travel far and wide


An example of this was in Guilin

As we arrived to cruise down the Li

The rains came down and the river rose

And flooded our des-tin-y


Hangzhou is the playground of Shanghainese

Who love West Lake for its water and trees

Suzhou is popular for its gardens supreme

Have you seen them? There just the bees’ knees

Huangpu River at night, Shanghai, China!

Night Cruise along Huangpu River, Shanghai

And now the last stop has finally arrived

Shanghai – I’m afraid there’s no more

This bustling, flourishing former “Paris of the East”

Has ended an eye opening tour


I’ve acknowledged most people in the verses just past

But there’s one group I’ve left to the last

And that’s you my fellow travellers

I “thank you” – it’s been such a blast!

Neptune (Sea King – C King – Carle King)   19/5/2016


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