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Chengdu Holidays

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China's symbolic western capital – and the residence of the country's lovable Giant Panda – Chengdu is growing in popularity year on year. A fast paced economy which is drawing China's western region into the 21st century, Chengdu's appeal as one of China's top destinations is growing clearer, and clearer.

For nearly 30 years, the Chengdu Research Centre has been successfully involved in the research and breeding of Giant Pandas and it now holds the world’s largest captive panda population and is the biggest draw of visitors to the region.

What is unusual about Chengdu's character is that no matter how quick the city develops and how fast-paced the locals move, there is a consistent relaxed and calm way of life which resonates throughout every aspect of the city. With the beautiful tea houses dotted throughout the city to the languid expression of the giant pandas, Chengdu inspires you to chill out from the pressures of daily life and enjoy slowing down.

Chengdu's cuisine is world-renowned and is a favourite both domestically and internationally. The unique 'mala' (numb and spicy) taste - so apparent in Chengdu's fare - excites your taste buds. As the gateway into Sichuan Province’s large collection of sights, as well as Chengdu being its own trove of historical and cultural treasures, Chengdu is a definite, a necessity, a must visit on any trip to China.

Things To See In Chengdu

No trip to Chengdu would be complete without seeing one of the wonders listed below.

  • Discover Giant Pandas
    Giant Pandas

    The centre of China’s conservation efforts, set up to resemble the mountain and forest regions in north Sichuan.

  • Discover Grand Buddha of Leshan
    Grand Buddha of Leshan

    The largest stone-carved and tallest pre modern statue in the world sitting peacefully over the confluence of three rivers.

  • Discover Huanglong

    Renowned for its cascade of colourful pools and natural ponds that tumble down a beautiful valley.

  • Discover Mt Emei
    Mt Emei

    A stunning peaks famous for it’s spectacular views, Buddhist history and unique biodiversity.

  • Discover Nine Villages Valley
    Nine Villages Valley

    One of China's most beautiful secrets dotted with traditional Tibetan villages with striking alpine scenery.

Popular Holidays to Chengdu

Chengdu offers a wealth of wonderful sights and experiences. What better way to explore them than on a Wendy Wu tour?

  • In Pursuit of Pandas Tour
    1 Solo Departure Date Available

    In Pursuit of Pandas

    9 days from $3,880pp

    • Great Wall
    • Warriors in Xian
    • Pandas in Chengdu
    • Buddhist Temples
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  • Wonders of China Tour
    3 Solo Departure Dates Available

    Wonders of China

    16 days from $5,880pp

    • Great Wall
    • Warriors in Xian
    • Yangtze River Cruise
    • Li River and Yangshuo
    • Bustling Shanghai
    View Tour
  • Glories of China Tour
    2 Solo Departure Dates Available

    Glories of China

    14 days from $5,080pp

    • Bustling Shanghai
    • Li River Cruise
    • Warriors in Xian
    • Bullet Train
    • Great Wall
    View Tour
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Chengdu at a Glance

We all enjoy a good fact or two - here are a few useful ones about Chengdu:

  • Time Difference - AEST -2
  • Approx. Flight Time - 12 Hours
  • Population - 35 Million
  • Landmark - Giant
  • Local Food - Mapo
  • Best Time to go? - Spring