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Things to do in China

Discover Authentic Experiences in China with Wendy Wu Tours

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To make sure you truly immerse yourself in the culture of China we pack every single one of our tours to China with authentic cultural experiences.

We’ve highlighted our favourite ones on each tour but here are just a few examples of what you can look forward to…

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  • Tibetan Lunch

    Sample Tibetan foods and flavours with a traditional Tibetan lunch, featuring 'momos', the tasty steamed and stuffed dumpling whose popularity has spread from the Tibetan Plateau throughout Asia.

  • Visit Tashilhunpo Monastery

    Visit Tashilhunpo, the seat of the eminent Panchen Lama, and make a ‘kora’ (pilgrimage circuit) of this 15th-century monastery with the pilgrims who have travelled from all over Tibet to visit this sacred edifice.

  • Monks debate at Sera Monastery

    Visit the debating courtyard of Sera, one of Tibet's most prolific monasteries, to watch the monks discussing Buddhist doctrine, using traditional gestures such as clapping, pushing and even screaming to emphasise their points.

  • Wander the Barkhor Circuit

    Wander the Barkhor circuit, the pilgrimage route that surrounds the sacred Jokhang temple, pausing to browse the plentiful market stalls and watch the traditionally-dressed pilgrims, who have come from all over Tibet, complete their journey.

  • Visit Aberdeen Fishing Village

    Discover the bustling harbour of Aberdeen fishing village from a different perspective, watching the coming and goings of the local fleet from your seat onboard one of the many traditional sampans that ply the waters.

  • Lantau Island Cable Car

    Soar over the spectacular landscapes of Hong Kong's Lantau Island on the Ngong Ping 360 cable car, flying ever closer to the giant buddha perched serenely on his hilltop.

  • Light show on the Li River

    See Guilin's magnificent scenery in a new light at the 'Impression Liu Sanjie', a light spectacular staged on the Li River. From your VIP seats, the views will be even more magical.

  • Champagne on the Great Wall

    Ascend to the heights of the well restored Mutianyu section of the Great Wall by cable car where you can sip a glass of champagne and contemplate the wall's undulating progress over the dramatic scenery of the area.

  • Try your hand at Chinese Calligraphy

    Try your hand at the long-practised art of calligraphy, with a lesson in the basic techniques of this beautiful, stylised writing – the perfect way to connect with local culture.

  • Hike across the Longji Rice Terraces

    Hike amongst the unique beauty of the Longji rice terraces, where you’ll not only get to marvel at the intricately-carved landscapes but experience the rural life and meet some of China's minority hilltribe communities.

  • Mount Qingcheng by Cable Car

    Soar up to the heights of sacred Mount Qingcheng by cable car to wander amongst the peaceful temples of this ancient Taoist sanctuary.

  • Sunset over the Great Wall

    Soar up to the heights of the Great Wall by cable car and watch a beautiful sunset in one of the world's most spectacular locations.

  • Take a Shanghai Breakfast Tour

    Wake up to the buzz of Shanghai and take a walking tour through the city's most fascinating districts, before tucking into some traditional pancakes for breakfast.

  • Visit a Traditional Nomadic Yurt

    Visit a traditional, nomadic home of a family of the Kazakh minority community, and spend some time with them, learning about their culture, and get a glimpse of life living in a yurt.

  • Shazhou Night Market

    Wander amongst the packed stalls of the atmospheric Shazhou Night Market in the Silk Road frontier city of Dunhuang, browsing delicious foods, fascinating local wares and a wealth of souvenirs.

  • Have a lesson with a Shaman

    Spend time with a Shaman, who will teach you some of a forgotten language, Dongba Pictograms - by the end of the lesson you'll know all about its history and be able to write a few basic characters.

  • Take a step onto Jinji's Suspended Rope Bridge

    Get your adrenaline pumping, making your way over the magnificent scenery of dense bamboo forest on Jinji's breathtaking suspended rope bridge.

  • Explore the Majestic Zhangjiajie

    Explore the otherworldly expanse of sandstone karst pillars, peaks and pinnacles that make up the magical Zhangjiajie National Forest Park with a series of beautiful walks and visits to geological wonders.

  • Visit the Temple of Heaven Park

    Visit the serene Temple of Heaven park for an afternoon with the locals who congregate there for a game of cards, to practice Tai Chi or simply for a chat - we will be more than welcome to join in the activities!

  • Cruise along the Li River

    Find yourself amongst some of China's most spectacular scenery as you cruise peacefully down the Li River, the perfect showcase for the spectacular karst peaks and lush, pastoral scenes that surround its gentle waters.

  • Visit Shaxi Ancient Town

    Shaxi ancient town is not only a charming place to explore but, as the heart of an area that is home to a number of China's minority people, is the perfect place to delve into a timeless, rich culture and meet the friendly communities for yourself.

  • Meet with a Taoist priest

    At Weibaoshan, meet with a Taoist priest to learn about the principles of this native philosophy and take part in a guided meditation session amongst these peaceful surroundings.

  • Explore the Huanghuacheng section of the Great Wall

    Surrounded by tranquil lakes and most picturesquely reached by boat, explore the Huanghuacheng section of the Great Wall and marvel at the spectacular views over the surrounding countryside.

  • Taste Shanghainese Street Snacks

    Take a morning stroll through Shanghai's old concessions, stopping where the locals stop to sample delicious local breakfast delicacies such as pancakes and fried bread sticks.

  • Cycle on Xi'an's Ancient City Walls

    Circle Xia'n's beautiful old town by bike along the magnificent city walls, admiring views over its plethora of historic sights as you go.

  • Climb the Spectacular Moon Hill

    Ascend to the summit of Moon Hill, one of the Li River valley's unique karst rock formations, from where you'll get spectacular views over the lush paddy fields and limestone towers for which the area is famous.

  • Muslim Quarter's Street Food

    From hand-stretched noodles to barbequed meat on skewers, Xian's Muslim Quarter is a street food heaven! As you explore these atmospheric streets and soak up the history, why not grab a delicious snack or two, to keep your energy up?

  • Visit the Chengdu Panda Research Centre

    Explore the Chengdu Panda Research Centre where you can learn all about these delightful bears and the conservation project to increase their numbers, as well as visiting the giant pandas as they eat, sleep and play.

  • Cruise on Erhai Lake

    Cruise on the crystal-clear tranquil waters of Erhai Lake, admiring the views over the Cangshan Mountains and passing its many famous islands, many of them complete with colourful temples.

  • See the Baisha Frescoes

    Painted during the Ming Dynasty (1368 and 1644) the incredible Baisha Frescoes tell fascinating stories of the daily life, religion and politics of their time and have retained their bright colours and vivid patterns.

  • Visit a Traditional Tibetan Family Home

    Venture to a Tibetan village in the highlands of Yunnan province to meet the local community, visit a traditional family home and experience the intriguing blend of the Tibetan and Chinese way of life.

  • Relax on a Huangpu River Cruise

    Cruise on the waters of Huangpu, the river that bisects Shanghai, the perfect way to appreciate the contrast of the west bank, where you'll find the colonial architecture of The Bund, and the east bank, home to the ultramodern skyscrapers of Pudong.

  • Yunnan Province History Show

    Learn about the history of Yunnan Province and its many minority peoples in a spectacular show of traditional music, dancing and performance, called Dynamic Yunnan.

  • Walk the Lesser-Visited Great Wall

    Walk on the magnificent Great Wall, discovering the lesser-visited Jinshanling, a section restored to its Ming Dynasty glory and which passes through magnificent surroundings.

  • Tibetan Home-Cooked Meal

    Sit down to a delicious meal of home-cooked food, prepared for you by members of the Tibetan community in a charming, rural Yunnan village.

  • Watch the Acrobatics of the ERA Show

    Spend an evening exploring China's long and fascinating history in a breathtaking show of martial arts, acrobatics and stunning special effects - the fantastic ERA Show at the Shanghai Circus World.

  • Visit a Traditional Tea House

    At the heart of a huge tea-producing region and once a stop on the Tea Horse Road, drinking tea is an essential element of life in Chengdu. Visit a traditional tea house to experience the history, customs and the perfect brew.

  • Coast Around the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain by Cable Car

    Sail high above the breathtaking landscapes of Yunnan into the majestic heights of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain by cable car, reaching an observation point at 4,500 metres and exploring a beautiful high-altitude meadow.

  • Explore the village of Baisha

    Explore the peaceful village of Baisha, home to the Naxi, one of China's many minority peoples. Whilst here you can meet the friendly locals, delve into their rich culture and get a glimpse of their day to day lives.

  • Cruise on the Grand Canal

    Cruise on the historic Grand Canal, built over 1,000 years ago to transport goods around the kingdom, through the picturesque town of Suzhou.

  • Visit Hangzhou's Tea Plantation

    Visit a plantation and learn all about the process of cultivating, plucking, processing and producing that wonderful beverage, tea! There will be a taster, to keep you refreshed.

  • Kung Fu Show

    As part of a visit to the Shaolin Temple, with its long and famous history of martial arts, watch an action-packed kung fu show by the monks and their trainees, who will demonstrate their astonishing skills.

  • Traditional Art of Paper Cutting

    Discover the traditional Chinese folk art of paper cutting, an intricate and beautiful craft that's been practised wince the 6th century. After a demonstration of the techniques, try your hand at creating your own paper cutting.

  • Taste Across the Bridge noodles

    A speciality dish of Yunnan province, tuck into a delicious bowl of Across the Bridge noodles in provincial capital Kunming, a famous and flavourful noodle soup with a touching story behind it.

  • Xizhou Village Market

    Visit the village of Xizhou where, as well as browsing the laden stalls of the bustling, local market, you'll be able to see members of the Naxi minority community in their colourful, traditional dress.

  • Walk on Xi'an's City Walls

    Take a relaxed walk above Xi'an's old town, strolling on the magnificent city walls that encircle it and taking in the views as you go.

  • Visit 'Matchmakers Corner'

    Explore the quirks of local culture in Chengdu at the fascinating 'Matchmaker's Corner', a place where parents search for potential suitors for their children.

  • Travel on a Superfast Bullet Train

    Zoom across China aboard a super-fast bullet train, on what is the world's longest high-speed railway network, travelling at up to 350 kilometres an hour in comfort.

  • Discover the Three Natural Bridges National Park

    Discover the magnificent nature of the Three Natural Bridges National Park in Wulong, walking through the lush valleys and gorges to admire the spectacular geological wonder of the three bridges themselves.

  • Taste Local Shiu Jiao Dumplings

    Tuck into a delicious feast of local speciality Shiu Jiao dumplings before stepping back into Xian's golden age, during the Tang Dynasty, with a music and dance performance.

  • Wander the Muslim Quarter

    Wander the atmospheric alleyways of Xi'an's old Muslim Quarter, an area that perfectly showcases the city's illustrious history as a terminus of the ancient Silk Road.

  • Marvel at the Three Gorges

    Cruise through Qutang, Wu and Xiling gorges, otherwise known as the Three Gorges, admiring the magnificent scenery from the comfort of your Yangtze River cruise vesseland learning about its epic history from your onboard expert.

  • Indulge in a feast of Peking Duck

    Tuck into a delicious feast of Beijing's best known dish, Peking Duck, a food that offers a true taste of imperial China and a long-time favourite of locals and visitors alike!

  • Take part in a Tai Chi session

    Long practised in China, many people start their day with a session of Tai Chi - do the same with a morning class with an instructor and continue your day feeling invigorated.

  • Terracotta Warriors Workshop

    Visit a busy workshop where craftsmen create replicas of the famous Terracotta Warriors and watch them going about their age-old craft with astonishing speed and dexterity.

  • Hutong Family Visit

    Venture into Beijing's atmospheric old neighbourhoods, the hutongs, exploring the narrow alleyways and visiting the traditional courtyard house of a family, who will give you a glimpse into their daily life.

  • Visit the Ancient City of Xi'an

    Step back in time to relive the majesty of the Tang Dynasty, of which Xian was the prosperous and glorious capital, with a colourful spectacular of traditional music and dancing.

  • Learn About Jade

    Jade has long been a sacred stone to the Chinese people, bringing fortune and prosperity to those who wear it. Visit a jade factory where you can learn more about its origins, its importance and how it is crafted.

  • Visit Dujiangyan Panda Base

    At the heart of Sichuan's province, the native land of the giant panda, visit the excellent Dujiangyan Panda Base where you'll learn all about China's iconic bear, the conservation projects in action to increase their numbers and, of course, see these beautiful animals for yourself.

  • See a Chinese Acrobatics Show

    One of Beijing's must-see shows, enjoy a Chinese acrobatic spectacular featuring many forms of dramatic arts such as contortionism, juggling and plate spinning and full of edge-of-your-seat action.

  • Visit Ciqikou Old Town

    Explore the narrow cobbled lanes of Ciqikou's old town, a district known for its porcelain production during the Ming and Qing dynasties as well as its traditional architecture.

  • World Heritage Dazu

    With over 50,000 sculptures and carvings dating back to the 7th-century, spend time discovering some of these for yourself and the World Heritage Listed site of Dazu.

  • Enjoy a Native Tibetan Performance

    Spend an evening revelling in the traditions of Tibet, dining on delicious local food and watching a performance of native dance and music.