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Within neighbouring distance of Nine Villages Valley is the equally alluring area of Huanglong. Huanglong which means 'Yellow Dragon' is renowned for its wide variety of colourful pools and natural ponds which are said to shimmer like a 'yellow dragon'. The colour of the pools is caused by calcium deposits in the water which bring out the liquids in strong greens, blues and yellows.

Not only famous for its colourful calcium pools, Huanglong is home to stunning landscape which can rival China's other scenic areas and national parks. With snow-capped peaks, hot springs and waterfalls, Huanglong is home to a high number of natural phenomena. Wildlife flourishes in this area too and within the limits of this scenic spot, you can find Golden Snub-Nosed Monkeys and even the Giant Panda, both endangered species.    

Within the park, there is a boardwalk which allows visitors to explore Huanglong at a comfortable pace. The boardwalk follows the path of the Huanglong calcium deposit pools giving you a close up view of these natural wonders. There is also the option of chairlift up to the top of the Huanglong scenic area and whilst travelling, you have a bird's eye view of an array of colours from the pools below.

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