Here’s Why Business Class is the Business!

Plus an amazing Business Class upgrade offer from Wendy Wu Tours…

Have you huffed with jealousy when you see those social media posts of a passport and boarding pass with the words BUSINESS CLASS not-so- discreetly peeking out over the top? I know I have.

When you board your flight, do you long to turn left into comfort? Wishing you could eat with real cutlery and off an actual plate while on board? Of course, there is the holy grail of air travel – more legroom and a seat that reclines so you can sleep… oh to dream…  Imagine experiencing pure comfort at 36,000 feet while dreaming of wandering along the Great Wall, gazing in awe at the Terracotta Warriors or meandering on a cruise boat along the Yangtze!

Here are the top six perks of flying Business Class that will inspire you to book that bucket list China tour with our amazing upgrade offer with China Southern Airlines – no doubt another bucket list item!

Great Wall of China, business class

Great Wall of China

Top 6 Business Class Experiences

 1. Dedicated Business Class Check-In Counter

A Business Class ticket means you’re able to go to the dedicated check-in line, which more often than not, is a lot shorter than the Economy queue. In some airports, you will also have access to Fast Pass clearance, which means bypassing the sometimes-long Immigration queues.

2. Airport lounge access in selected cities

In selected cities, you will have entry to private VIP airport lounges. Your time spent waiting to board will be in style with an array of amenities. These may include comfortable seating, relaxation areas, shower facilities, and also food and beverage services.

Relax in the Business Class Lounge

Relax in the Business Class Lounge

3. First to Board, First to Disembark

Boarding is quick and simple when you get to board the plane first. While everyone else is battling other passengers for overhead locker space, you will be settling in to comfort with a welcome drink. At the end of your journey, you will be one of the first to disembark the aircraft with minimal delay and baggage is usually on priority, meaning you will be out of the airport much quicker.

4. On Board Comfort

Wine, dine and recline in your comfortable seat that reclines at the touch of a button. The seating configuration is generally 2-2-2, meaning there’s more space and fewer people in the cabin. There is generally a higher staff to passenger ratio in Business Class as well, so you will experience personalized service. Your seat and luxurious comfort are the biggest bonuses when travelling in Business Class. You will be able to put your feet up, stretch out and lay back to allow you to arrive in China rested and ready to take on the Great Wall!

5. The On-Demand In-Flight Entertainment System

Lie back in your relaxed surroundings and pass the time watching a selection of movies on your large-screen personal TV.

Delicious on-board cuisine, business class

Delicious on-board cuisine

6. On Board Dining Experience

With China Southern Airlines, the onboard food mirrors the airline’s origins in southern China, with signature Canton cuisine. Oriental and Western cuisine options are available. For some routes, a free meal booking service prior to departure is available. There is definitely no dining out of a box in Business Class either! Experience fine dining at 38,000ft.

Let us turn what will already be an unforgettable China tour into a truly incredible one!



Terracotta Warriors, Xian, business class

Terracotta Warriors, Xian

The hardest choice you need to make here is do you upgrade in one direction or both?

Upgrade your sleep on one of our China tours today!


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