Which Section of The Great Wall?

Ever wondered which section to visit on The Great Wall of China?

The Great Wall of China is one of the most famous sights in China, if not the world, attracting over 10 million tourists each year from near and far. The UNESCO World Heritage Listed Site stretches for over 8,800km across mountains and plains, from far western China to the eastern coast. But before you visit, you may wonder, which section/s should I visit?

Here, our team shares the most popular sections to hopefully make your choice a little easier.

There are many sections of the wall that you can visit. My favourite sections are located a short distance from Beijing, making them easily accessible on a day or overnight trip.



One of the quietest and more rustic sections of the wall. Jinshanling offers magnificent panoramic views. Rougher hiking challenges are sure to provide you with a rewarding Great Wall experience. Many Wendy Wu Discovery Tours visit Jinshanling, with some even spending a night near the wall, to allow you to experience the wonder of sunset and sunrise whilst sitting on the wall.


Jinshanling Section, Great Wall of China, Great Wall

Jinshanling Section, Great Wall of China


The closest section to Beijing is Juyongguan and is often the quietest. Most Wendy Wu Classic Tours visit Juyongguan as there are options to simply walk on the wall with ease. Relax with a tea and watch as others who may choose to challenge themselves and climb to the top of the hills. Admire the wall as it snakes its way along the mountain tops. Here you can walk on the wall with ease.

Juyongguan Section, Great Wall of China, great Wall

Juyongguan Section, Great Wall of China



Huanghuacheng is a less visited section of the wall that has only been partially restored.

Here you will encounter challenging steep climbs. Even so, there are undeniably remarkable views. It’s worth all the effort of the climb!



Located just 70km, Badaling is the easiest section of the wall to reach. There is even a train direct from Beijing, meaning it is also the most visited.

This part of the wall has been completely restored. It makes it the perfect section for those wanting to stroll on the wall with ease admiring the dramatic draped mountain scenery.

Badaling Section, Great Wall of China, Great Wall

Badaling Section, Great Wall of China


If you’d like to include these Great Wall of China sections in your itinerary, speak to our expert tailor-made team today!












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  1. Hi Elisa, You Thanks for sharing important information. The Great Wall of China is one of the wonderful sights in the world. There are 4 main great walls that the tourists frequent. Badaling and Mutianyu wall section with quite complete travel service facilities are more suitable for sightseeing visitors while Jinshanling and Huanghuacheng wall section with its well-preserved awesome view and some steep ranges are very famous with adventurer and hikers. One year ago, I had traveled there with my family by the help of Trekclub.org, Really that trip was awesome.

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