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5 Benefits of Multi-Country Tours in Asia

Multiple Countries, Multiple Adventures!

Did you know Wendy Wu Tours offers a tried and tested range of multi-country tours? Asia is rich in diversity, culture, adventure and beauty. Travelling on a multi-country tour allows you to discover the contrasts and similarities of neighbouring nations, and consequently, they are the tours that keep on giving! Explore everything Asia has to offer in a single journey.

Here are 5 reasons to travel on a multi-country tour:


  1. See for yourself the contrasts and be equally astounded by the similarities

    Multi-country tours are ideal for culturally inquisitive travellers. You will have the opportunity to experience the culture, food and sights that are unique to each country. Two of our most popular tours – Indochina Delights and Grand Tour of Indochina visit Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. On day 7 of Indochina Delights you will be cruising in a junk boat on Halong Bay; following on day 10, giving alms to monks in Luang Prabang; and finally on day 13, wandering the grounds of the temples of Angkor… all in one trip!

    Giving Alms, Laos, multi-country tours

    Giving Alms, Laos

    Halong Bay, Vietnam, multi-country tours

    Halong Bay, Vietnam

    Temples of Angkor, Cambodia, multi-country tours

    Temples of Angkor, Cambodia


  2. The proximity of countries in Asia makes combining them easy

    You can cover several Asian countries in a relatively short trip, as travel time between them is quite quick. Treasures of Vietnam & China and Angkor to the Bay are two of our most-loved multi-country tours. Travel between nations is by quick flight. Did you know it takes less than one hour to fly from Phnom Penh to Saigon?

    Giant Pandas, China, multi-country tours

    Giant Pandas, China

    Hoi An, Vietnam, multi-country tours

    Hoi An, Vietnam










  3. Relish the experience of having guides of different nationalities

    Hear their anecdotes, stories about growing-up, learn first-hand about local customs. Take advantage of their local knowledge of food and history. Our Himalayan Adventure tour travels through China, Tibet and Nepal. Imagine the mouth-watering delicacies you will sample because the guides love their homeland. The variety of stories you will hear during a multi-country tour will amaze you.

    Tiger's Nest, Bhutan, multi-country tours

    Tiger’s Nest, Bhutan

    Tibetan Guide, multi-country tours

    Tibetan Guide











  4. Incorporate different styles of touring between countries

    From an overland journey, river cruise or train adventure, there are many different options to journey from one country to another. The Mekong River will be your border crossing during our Mekong Odyssey and Thailand & Laos Adventure tours. Our Himalayan Kingdoms tour uses a train trip and overland travel to journey through the Sikkim and Bhutan.

    Overland Travel, Nepal, multi-country tours

    Overland Travel, Nepal

    Cruising the Mekong, multi-country tours

    Cruising the Mekong










  5. Logistical know-how

    Planning to visit several countries in one trip can be stressful. You need to think about visas, logistics, border crossings, etc. Taking a tour with a reputable company like Wendy Wu Tours will take the stress out of planning because of their expertise. During our Road to Samarkand tour of Central Asia, you will journey through three countries (China, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan) to remote and rarely visited places. Our local knowledge will have you spending your time being overwhelmed by the scenery and culture, and not by paperwork and border crossings!

    Samarkand, Uzbekistan, multi-country tours

    Samarkand, Uzbekistan

    Chon Kemin Valley, Kyrgyzstan, multi-country tours

    Chon Kemin Valley, Kyrgyzstan










I will leave you with one final thought while you’re pondering the perks of multi-country travel. Why explore a country when you can explore a continent?

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