Wendy Wu Tours Staff Hotlist for 2017

Are you having trouble deciding where to travel to in 2017? We’d like to provide you with some inspiration with our Staff Hotlist for 2017.

Asia has so many amazing destinations on offer; it’s difficult to decide where to next!

We asked the staff at Wendy Wu Tours where they want to travel to in 2017 and overwhelmingly the responses have been about experiences and getting off the beaten track – exploring cultures and places that are in complete contrast to life in Australia. Of course, it was often hard for our team to choose only one destination!

The world is more accessible than ever and each place offers something exceptional, unique and absorbing. Here’s our staff hotlist and where they’ll be hoping to venture in 2017. Our passports are ready. Is yours?


Stilt Fisherman, Sri Lanka, staff hotlist

Stilt Fisherman, Sri Lanka

Elisa from Marketing

Sri Lanka

So many global travel publications are calling Sri Lanka the ‘must-see’ destination of 2017. I love the idea of travelling somewhere that I can mix a cultural experience with a relaxing beach break. From wandering through tea plantations and ancient temples, to searching for herds of wild elephants – there is so much I would love to experience there. One of our Products team members, Chloe, has just returned from Sri Lanka and said the food was incredible and walking to World’s End at Horton Plains was unforgettable.



Kathmandu, Nepal, staff hotlist

Kathmandu, Nepal

Ryan from Sales


Tourism in Nepal has taken a hit over the last few years and it is so important for the local economy livelihood of the Nepalese to have people travel there. I plan to visit Nepal to contribute to its resurgence as a travel destination. I’m particularly keen to do some trekking out of Pokhara and explore some of the Buddhist temples and sites around Kathmandu.




Potala Palace, Tibet, staff hotlist

Potala Palace, Tibet

Jonathan from Products

Tibet and Borneo

I think it’s true that the more you travel, the more you want to travel. I’ve seen lots of Asia but there is still so much more for me to see. Tibet is at the top of my list. As well as the spiritual side of Lhasa, I’d love to get out to the remote areas of the Tibetan Plateau and Everest Base Camp. I would also like to return to Borneo. I went many years ago and trekked to the summit of Mt Kinabalu, which was fantastic! Now I’d like to see the Orangutans, Turtle Island and learn more about indigenous culture.



Bagan, Myanmar, staff hotlist

Bagan, Myanmar

John from Sales

Japan and Myanmar

I went to Japan 30 years ago and spent three months mostly trekking in the mountains. I’d love to go back there and explore more of the cultural cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima. I would also love to do a river cruise through Myanmar to experience a countryside that is still largely untouched by the modern world.


Tiger's Nest Paro, Bhutan, staff hotlist

Tiger’s Nest Paro, Bhutan

 Nick from Marketing


I’m fascinated by the cultural traditions that have been maintained in Bhutan by limiting tourist activity. I’d love to hike to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery as it is such an iconic spot. My colleague Zoe visited Bhutan last year and has not stopped raving about what a special destination it is because of the people, scenery and spectacular monasteries.



Sand Dunes, Mongolia, staff hotlist

Sand Dunes, Mongolia

Zoe from Reservations

Central Asia and Mongolia

There are so many places on my bucket list! I am definitely keen to visit Central Asia, specifically Samarkand to see the unique architecture. I’d also love to go to Mongolia and stay in a Ger camp in the middle of nowhere and experience the nomadic way of life. It would be such a unique experience that I don’t think I could have anywhere else in the world.


Giving of Alms, Laos, staff hotlist

Giving of Alms, Laos

Lauren from Reservations


I’ve always wanted to visit Laos to explore the stunning countryside and experience the devout Buddhist lifestyle. I like the idea of travelling to a country where life has a slower pace. I have heard the food is amazing and I’d love to see the Kuangi Si waterfalls and witness the procession of monks through the streets at dawn for Takbat.

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