Meet Ivy, China tour guide

China Tour Guide Spotlight – Meet Ivy

Across the world, there are positive gains made each day to close the gender gap. More than ever, there is a strong call to #pressforprogress. International Women’s Day is the global call to action to friends, colleagues, and communities to think, act and also behave in a gender inclusive way.

At Wendy Wu Tours, we pride ourselves on a gender inclusive approach in all areas of the business. We particularly strive for equal opportunities in the countries where we operate tours. Many Local Guides and also National Escorts have taken the step out of their comfort zones to work in their dream jobs. Often probably the equal opportunity message is not as strong in some of these nations. Our local operators and ground partners are encouraged to work towards equality and equal opportunity regardless of gender. Many of our guides are female – let us introduce you to our China tour guide – Ivy.

Meet Ivy, a China tour guide, beloved by many a Wendy Wu Tours guest. On International Women’s Day, Ivy shares some insights into her career, and her hopes and dreams for women in China in the future.

Ivy - one of our most popular China guides, china tour guide

Ivy – one of our most popular China guides

How long have you worked for Wendy Wu Tours?

I have been a China tour guide Wendy Wu Tours for six years. My major in college was tourism. I knew exactly what I wanted to do after graduation and as a result, I feel lucky to have fulfilled my dream. I began my career as a Local Guide in my home city, but have worked my way up to become a National Escort.

What is your favourite thing about being a National Escort?

I enjoy introducing my beautiful country to tourists. I love sharing its colourful culture and rich history. Through my work, I can ensure travellers fully enjoy their visit to China and let them have an unforgettable time with wonderful memories.

"I enjoy introducing my beautiful country to tourists" -Ivy, china tour guide

“I enjoy introducing my beautiful country to tourists” -Ivy

Tell us about your favourite place in China.

My favourite destination is Xian, the capital city of Shaanxi Province, and the hometown of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses. It is also the location of the most well preserved ancient city wall, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, and also the Bell and Drum Towers. Xian is just like an open-air museum or a history book waiting for more people to read it!

Terracotta Warriors, Xian, china tour guide

Terracotta Warriors, Xian

What does it mean to you to be able to work a job you love?

I feel very lucky and happy about what I’m doing. When you do something you are really interested in, it makes you enjoy work and be full of passion. It is a good way to improve my language skills, know more about other country’s cultures, and also meet different people. It also is challenging and I have learned many problem-solving skills dealing with many different situations on tours.

Today is International Women’s Day. Do you feel there is a lot of opportunity for women as a China tour guide?

Yes, I do think so. Women have unique skill-sets important when being a China tour guide; they are friendly, patient, enthusiastic, and take good care of others.

What is the best advice someone has shared with you in relation to employment?

The best way to realise your self-worth is to work with 100% effort.

How do you encourage other women to pursue their goals and career dreams?

I tell them to be diligent, confident, determined, have a challenging spirit and enthusiasm towards life and work. Raising your self-worth includes being responsible for your own happiness and success. Never give up on your dream!

What would you say to other women who face difficulty in their workplace?

Keep learning, improving yourself, and develop more hobbies. Interest is the best teacher. When difficult situations arise we need a brave heart, positive attitude, and to face difficulty with a smile. Talk to others and make a plan to solve it. If you do so, you’ll consequently find that your difficulties may not be as problematic as you thought they were.

Our guides are central to the enjoyment of our tours, china tour guide

Our guides are central to the enjoyment of our tours

What message would you like to give women across the world?

Be less submissive, cherish what natural skills you have, be confident, be yourself and love yourself!

Where do you dream of being in 5 years’ time with your work goals?

First of all, I hope still be working as a China tour guide. I also hope more and more tourists come to visit China. I’d like to take my guiding abilities to a new level in new ways. I would also love the chance to travel the world myself!

Explore stunning China, china tour guide

Explore stunning China

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  1. Ivy was our national tour guide on my Yunnan tour, she looked after us like an old mother hen out of all the Wendy Wu tours guides she is my favorite, loved her personality always had a smile we were all so sad when the tour ended she was so much fun. Hope one day to catch up again.


  2. I had Tony he was the best tour guide in China 22-29 April with the pandas what is addreees of heard office in China.Thank -you

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