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Step into Xian, once known as Chang'an, and immerse yourself in the heart of China's illustrious past. This city, a cradle of civilisation, is not merely a destination but a journey back in time to the dawn of the Chinese empire. Here lies the eternal resting place of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China, watched over by the silent, yet commanding Terracotta Warriors, an army for the afterlife and a symbol of eternal vigilance. 
Xian stands as the proud eastern terminus of the historic Silk Road, the ancient lifeline that intertwined the fates of Asia and Europe, seeding the Middle Kingdom with Buddhism, Islam, and the cultural treasures of the Western world. This city, more than any other in China, is a living museum brimming with artifacts, relics, and sites that span the breadth of time. 
As the former heart of 13 Chinese dynasties, Xian offers an unparalleled glimpse into the profound depths of one of the globe's oldest and most enigmatic civilisations. The city's rich history is unmistakable, from the sprawling ancient city walls, among the most grandiose military defense systems ever constructed, to the bustling lanes of the Muslim Quarter, where Islamic heritage continues to thrive, centered around the majestic Great Mosque. 
In Xian, history is not just seen; it is felt. Wander the same streets that the emperors once traversed, stand in the shadow of the architectural marvels that have withstood the test of time, and discover the end of the Silk Road, where diverse cultures have been mingling for centuries.
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Things To See In Xian

No trip to Xian would be complete without seeing one of the wonders listed below.

Popular Holidays to Xian

Xian offers a wealth of wonderful sights and experiences. What better way to explore them than on a Wendy Wu tour?

Xian at a Glance

We all enjoy a good fact or two - here are a few useful ones about Xian:

Approx. Flight Time - 15 Hours Population - 21 Million Landmark - Terracotta
Local Food - Steamed
Best Time to go? - Spring

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