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Xi'an's Muslim Quarter

Explore Xi'an's Muslim Quarter on a holiday to China

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Connecting Western Europe with Eastern Asia, the Silk Road was the most important trade route between the Occident and Orient for nearly 1,500 years. This famed passage not only traded in commodities, but also traded in religions, creeds and politics. In Xian, the introduction of Islam was one of the most apparent ideologies to penetrate the city and since then, has thrived into an integral part of Xian's patchwork.

No place in Xian is the presence of Islam more evident than in the Muslim Quarter, located in the centre of Xian. Like the bazaars of Kashgar and Delhi, the Muslim Quarter is a mind-blowing blend of colours, aromas and spices. Peruse the wares on the numerous stalls and join the local people in haggling for the best price.

The Quarter is famed for its unique blend of Chinese and Muslim dishes. Xian's answer to a western hamburger, roujiamo is a leavened kebab-style flatbread filled with meat, mainly pork or lamb, onions and red pepper, usually spiced by red chilies. Here also you can purchase Muslim tea, an array of Asian nuts and delicious lamb hot pot, also known as Yangrou Paomo. The Muslim Quarter is not just for foodie connoisseurs, it is also a great location to purchase Islamic silks and curios, as well as Chinese bric-a-brac and historical replicas.

Xian's blend of Chinese and Islamic cultures is what makes the city so unique. The Muslim Quarter's central location and buzzing bazaar shows how vital this district is to the city's way of life and framework.

Xian's Muslim Quarter Holidays

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