The Little Wild Goose Pagoda is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the southern suburb of Xian, about two kilometres to the south of the Xian City Wall. This impressive pagoda stands in pleasant surroundings in the grounds of the ancient Jianfu Temple and has a history dating back over 1,300 years. As one of the key Buddhist structures built in the Tang Dynasty, the Little Wild Goose Pagoda has long been a place to light incense and pray. The exquisite appearance, beautiful craft and mysterious Buddhist ambiance makes the Little Wild Goose Pagoda a must-see destination.

The Little Wild Goose Pagoda was built between 707 and 709 AD, during the Tang Dynasty. The Tang Dynasty was one of China's most prominent periods, and the introduction of Buddhism to the Chinese through the Silk Road from India was very well received. The thirteen-story pagoda reaches a height of 43 metres and is almost dainty in appearance thanks to the slight curving of the pagoda's exterior. The notable overlapping of the layers is a classic example of Tang Dynasty architecture and the arched doors at the bottom of the pagoda are decorated with eccentric drawings which are apparent of the time also.

Though you might wonder why the Little Wild Goose Pagoda has an unusual curved shape, the reasons are proof of the sophistication of the Tang Dynasty. Xian's geographic location makes it prone to earthquakes, with the most deadly occurring there in the 16th century. So the Little Wild Goose Pagoda was designed in this manner to allow it to withstand earthquakes surviving from the 8th century to the 21st with only three cracks is quite a feat of engineering!

In the vicinity of the Little Wild Goose Pagoda, travellers can see wise elderly men doing morning tai chi, music-lovers playing the Chinese Erhu, women participating in the Yangge dance, and chess-fans gathering around a game: an idyllic image.

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