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Xi'an's Bell Tower

Xi'an's Bell Tower

Explore the Xi'an Bell Tower on a holiday to China

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The Xian Bell Tower was built in 1384 under the reign of Zhu Yuangang, the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty. A landmark in the centre of Xian, the Bell Tower is the intersection point of Xian's four major roads: North, South, East and West Street. The Xian Bell Tower is one of the grandest and most imposing Bell Towers throughout China and was originally used as a form of communication in Xian.

The tower is three-stories tall, stretching to a height of 36 meters. Like the nearby city walls, the Bell Tower is one of the best preserved ancient towers in the whole of China. The Tower itself is made of wood and bricks and the roofs are painted a deep azure blue to add further to the majesty of this structure.

Inside the Xian Bell Tower sits a large imposing iron bell which even today is still used to mark the time. Weighing 5 tons in weight, the bell, like the tower itself, dates back to the Ming Dynasty. The original bell was called Jingyun Bell and dated back to the Tang Dynasty. It was much bigger than the bell at present however, it is said that during the reign of the Ming Dynasty, the bell spookily stopped ringing, making it obsolete and in need of replacement.

Visitors are able to climb into the Bell Tower where you can enjoy panoramic views across the city and don't forget, every afternoon musicians gather on top to perform traditional music, a splendid addition to this ancient city.

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