Tickle Your Tastebuds

Tickle your Tastebuds with Delicious Asian Meals!

Recently CNN came out with their list of Top 50 Foods from around the world, followed by a list that was specifically readers’ choice. Over 35,000 people have agreed that Asia takes the cake when it comes to cooking delicious meals! with the top ten all from different Asian countries. The most exciting part is that with Wendy Wu Tours, you can try as many as 25 of these top 50 dishes!

Coming in hot at #9 on the list is the most delectable Peking duck native to China. Slow roasted in the oven with a crispy and syrupy skin – you’ll want more skin than meat – and served with pancakes, onions, and either hoisin or sweet bean sauce, this is the absolute best way to eat your duck. In addition, with Wendy Wu Tours’ recent Early Bird Specials, you can have your duck and eat it too. There are 18 different tours offered with the Early Bird savings going to China, and there is sure to be plenty of wonderful dishes such as the Peking duck to be eaten.

Some more of these foods from parts of China include three well-known dishes from Hong Kong – dim sum, shrimp dumplings, barbecue pork, and an egg tart. There are lunch and a three-course meal sure to have you feeling happy and full during a long day spent at Victoria Harbour or on the island of Lantau. You could have the opportunity to explore Cheung Sha Beach, Tai O fishing village and the Giant Buddha. While there, have a traditional lunch of dim sum with family and friends. Most dim sum comes in bite-size pieces, so you will be able to enjoy your lunch and go on with your day continuing to explore all parts of town. Afterwards, you could indulge in a dinner on top of Victoria Peak.

Start with the shrimp dumplings steamed to perfection inside rice paper; it is believed that the more skilled chef will make more pleat folds in the dumpling. Continue to the main entre with some tender, honey coated barbecue pork served with rice or noodles, or even by itself to save room for the next tasty item on the list: the egg tart. Best eaten fresh out of the oven, this dessert is served as warm custard inside a flaky crust and is sure to leave you searching for more before your time in Hong Kong is over. No worries though, these tarts can be found everywhere from in hole-in-the-wall bakeries to the most upscale fine dining restaurants.

Wendy Wu offers a range of tours going to Hong Kong seeing everything from the Giant Buddha to Hong Kong Disneyland. With savings up to $500 per person with our Early Bird Specials, on the tour Cities of the Orient, you won’t be able to miss out on these delicious foods and more while you are in Hong Kong and other areas of China.

Japanese food might be one of the best things to come from Asia. It is something you could never get tired of, or maybe I’m just biased. Obviously, sushi makes the list at #3. Sushi can be eaten anywhere in the world, but who wouldn’t want to eat it in its freshest form by master sushi chefs in its country of origin. Sushi is universal; there is something for everyone’s taste. It can be eaten in bite-size pieces, handheld form, in a bowl, with raw fish, cooked fish, or even no fish. There is a variety of sauces and extras to go with sushi, so there is sure to be a roll for each individual taste. In addition to sushi, Japan has brought us ramen. If you aren’t slurping up a bowl of this in Japan, then you are doing it all wrong.

Wendy Wu Tours offer four wonderful Early Bird Special tours to choose from to take you on the trip of a lifetime to Japan. You will be able to see all the very best of Japan. Be wowed the bright lights of Tokyo, climb Mt. Fuji, watch the snow monkeys bathe in the hot springs, sip on tea in Kyoto, or explore the Osaka castle. Of course, you will also have the opportunity to eat refreshing cold sushi or a nice hot bowl of ramen whenever you please.

It is no surprise that Asian food is so popular all over the world.  Whether you are eating a breakfast of masala dosa in India or a lunch of pho in Vietnam, come take advantage of Wendy Wu Tours Early Bird Specials and see just all where you can go, what you can do, and what new flavours and foods you can try.  This is Wendy Wu Tours’ biggest sale ever and now is the best time to get a bargain for your dream vacation. You can save up to a huge $1,200 per person on over 45 tours and 480 departures by securing your spot with just a tiny deposit of only $99 per person.

Even if you don’t go on an Early Bird Special tour, there are plenty of different tours to all parts of Asia to take with Wendy Wu. There is also plenty more food on that top 50 list. Thailand is a beautiful country, with beautiful people, and even more beautiful food. There is a reason why seven Thai dishes make the top 50 list and four of those are in the top ten. Pad Thai, Massaman curry, green curry, and fried rice are just a few of these foods that are necessary have here. Other foods to try on this list in different Asian countries include chilli crab and chicken rice in Singapore and Penang Assam laksa in Malaysia. Come to Asia to see for yourself if these would make your top 50 list of food from around the world!

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