Golden Triangle India: Energetic & Vibrant!

Golden Triangle India presents a world of colour, splendour and opulence. When you think of future India travels, imagine a region of ornate palaces, grand tributes to love, a rainbow of colour worn by the local Rajasthani people and a hustle and bustle that will awaken the senses! Wendy Wu Tours’ Reservations Supervisor, Aaron Phillips, recently explored the Golden Triangle India, a region in the north of the country that covers Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and their surrounds. Aaron recounts his travels to spectacular forts and palaces, describes splashes of vivid saris and turbans, and meets the welcoming locals who have left a lasting impression.

Aaron, can you tell us about your top five Golden Triangle India experiences?

Where should I start? The entire trip was amazing, I didn’t realise how incredible India truly is! A few moments really stand out:

  • Being first in line at the Taj Mahal and having photos and the view from the ‘Princess Diana chair’ with no one else in the background of my photos was amazing. It is so worth getting up early to get the uninterrupted views and peacefulness as the sun is rising.
  • Wandering through courtyard after courtyard at Agra Fort gave a stunning insight into Mughal architecture. It is so ornate, palatial and is like a city within a city.
  • Whizzing through the streets of Old Delhi on a rickshaw was so much fun. It allows you to be in the thick of the chaos, tooting horns and immerses you in the Old Delhi vibe.
  • Exploring formidable Amer Fort in Jaipur was also great. It is so magnificent and I could see how lavish and opulent the Maharajahs’ lifestyles were.
  • Watching the beautiful sunset over Jaipur – there are no words to describe except to say that it was beautiful.

    Inside Agra Fort - so ornate, golden triangle india

    Inside Agra Fort – so ornate

Tell us about your favourite city you visited

I loved Jaipur. There was so much to see and do there. I woke to stunning views of the endless sea of buildings, toured around Amer Fort and the Palace of the Winds, and relaxed while watching the sunset. In addition, I had an amazing and entertaining dinner at Spice Court, which I would highly recommend.

Sunset over Jaipur, golden triangle india

Sunset over Jaipur

How would you describe the people of Golden Triangle India?

The people are so friendly. The kindness and the care was something I have never experienced in my other travels. At times, I felt like a celebrity; having selfies with the locals in Delhi and dancing with some locals in Jaipur. No matter where we were, how rich or poor people are, they are they always happy to smile and love to chat. The colourful turbans and saris are incredible. There are vibrant colours everywhere. The markets are full of bright spices, dyes and clothing.

Did you have any memorable meals?

It’s not all curries and not like the Indian food we have in Australia. I had a delicious tasting plate lunch in Agra at Sai Khandela.  As mentioned before, Spice Court in Jaipur was a highlight meal. We dined under the stars and they had great entertainment.

Tell us about your guides

MK was very informative and passionate about India. He cared for us so much, making sure we had constant water and were in the best spots for photos. Sonu, who I have dealt with for four years working at Wendy Wu Tours, was equally as impressive with his love of India and ensuring we had a great time. We also had a local guide in Jaipur who proudly told us about how he just completed his tourism degree and shared his detailed knowledge of Jaipur and Golden Triangle India with us.

Aaron & Sonu, golden triangle india

Aaron & Sonu

 Please share your top travel tips for anyone travelling to India

  • When going to the Taj Mahal during your India tour, go early. Only take water, your camera and mosquito repellent. If you bring a big bag it will need to be security checked and you will be waiting a while!
  • Have an open mind and go with the flow! India is loud and chaotic but at times, peaceful and serene. Enjoy every moment.
  • Be polite and patient. Anger and rudeness with get you nowhere fast!
  • Be warned that India is addictive – once you go, you will want to go back!

    Local Ladies in Colourful Saris, golden triangle india

    Local Ladies in Colourful Saris

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