Food to Fly For

Food to Fly Away From Home For!

Are you a food fanatic? Classify yourself as a glorified foodie? Are you proud to admit that you religiously watch every episode of MasterChef? Why not take this passion for food and let it guide you on your next holiday!

Culinary travel has grown at an extraordinary rate over the past decade. We think it’s about time you jumped on the bandwagon. Whether it’s intentional or not, food is intertwined into some of our most memorable travel moments. With the power to awaken your senses, let us guide you to our favourite food destinations. Be inspired not to follow your heart, but your stomach instead. Let your appetite choose your next adventure.

Food in Vietnam

Vietnamese people hold food close to the heart. Whether it be a social gathering or a religious meal, friends and family gather together for this shared experience of prepping, pealing, plating and polishing off a meal. There are so many different cuisines, varieties and techniques in Vietnamese cooking. It is a culture of chefs and locals constantly creating new dishes and experimenting with new flavours. The cuisine is extremely fresh and healthy but of course tasty!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you would have heard of the Vietnamese dish ‘Pho’. This dish isn’t a new one, a broth-like soup consisting of rice noodles, herbs and meat (normally beef or chicken). Originating from the north as a breakfast dish for rice paddy workers, this meal has slid its way down the map and expanded globally. Now recognised as an authentic Vietnamese dish, a trip to Vietnam without trying the local pho is a crime.

Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls

Food in Japan

I admit it’s hard not to imagine sushi and ramen when you hear someone say Japanese cuisine. While they are extremely popular let’s try and look beyond the basics and go for something more authentic. A key aspect to Japanese cuisine, which isn’t the actual meal, but the presentation of any dish. Food in Japan is seasonal and regionally specific, fresh and meticulous in its preparation. Now, back to the actual food involved. Many Asian countries have a big street food culture, Japan however does not, what you will find is the occasional street stalls selling dumplings or gyozas filled with beef, chicken, pork or veggies and they are delicious.

If you are feeling a little home sick, head for the Yakitori for a Japanese style Aussie BBQ, this dish involves grilling skewered pieces of chicken over white charcoal. If you’re feeling bold move away from the traditional cuts of meat and try the chicken heart! Yummo! If you’re looking for a good starter pick the Takoyaki, wheat balls filled with diced octopus and brushed with special sauce and mayo topped with aonori and bonito flakes. Still not convinced? Udon, Tempura, matcha, sashimi, karaage are all delicious and the list of glorious Japanese food goes on and on.


Food in Sri Lanka

Ahhhh the island of rice and curry. Liberating stomachs and opening eyes to the glorious gifts of the Indian Ocean. Sri Lankan holidays are a time to indulge, hoppers (appam) are like a pancake with a batter mixture of coconut milk or water, sugar and rice flour. They are served as both sweet and savoury dishes, the popular local egg hopper is garnished with chillies, lemon, salt and onions. Delicious. Seafood plays a huge role in the Sri Lankan food trade and cuisine. The sour fish curry ( Fish ambul thiyal) combines sautéed fish in a magical concoction of flavours such as cinnamon, garlic, turmeric, black pepper and curry leaves. Best to pair this dish with white rice to fill you up and roll you out the door.

A personal favourite is Kottu Roti, Sri Lankan street food loved by locals and visitors. The main ingredient being roti ( a type of flatbread) prepared into small pieces and mixed in with onions, cabbage, egg leak and sometimes meat( chicken or beef normally). Enjoy after a wild night with 1 too many drinks, or a breakfast delight, this meal is diverse and delightful.

Local Sri Lankan Food

Food in China

Visit China to taste those Friday night take-out meals but at a crazy fresh and traditional quality. From sweet and sour pork, dumplings, Peking duck, fried bread in xian, Niurouxian bing aka Meat Pancake China offers SO much food.

Peking Duck

Now that you have started a fire in your stomach, whip that drool from your mouth and go out into the world stomach first. Let food guide your travel adventures!

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