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Tasmania’s capital and largest city, Hobart is known for is colonial history and architecture, its excellent wine and oysters, and its stunning natural scenery. 

The city’s unique natural locale means that you are never far from the inner beauty of the island. The city is backed by Mount Wellington, an oft snow-capped peak at 1,271 meters - it looms large in the city’s backdrop, and provides panoramic views of Tasmania and the Southern Sea at large. Strikingly, the “Organ Pipes” cliffs, as they are known locally, face the city from one side, while to the other, the Derwent Estuary marks the Derwent River’s descent into the sea. This River is the historic life blood of the city, defining the city’s roots as Australia’s seaport in the South, and entry point to the Tasmanian hinterland. 

Hobart is one of the oldest cities in Australia; its streets dense in colonial architecture. From the city’s waterfront you look back and can feel the breeze of 19th century Australia. Also in the city’s surrounds, historic estates like the Shene Estate, an active distillery, pays tribute to the State’s colonial past.  

The city is also the gateway to the spectacular Bruny Island, just off the Tasmanian coast, it is a food lovers delight. From freshly shucked oysters, to locally made honey and fudge, and award winning cheeses and handcrafted whisky, there is sure to be something for each bud of a visitors taste.  

To top it all off the city is an emerging cultural hub. One example is the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), it is the largest private museum in Australia, its eclectic collection is an unmissable attraction with 2000-year-old sarcophaguses and modern art lining its halls. 

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No trip to Hobart would be complete without seeing one of the wonders listed below.

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