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Today, as Australians, we reflect on the history and importance of this unique land and its traditional landowners.
We look forward to a new day and celebrating our incredible people. See more


The annual Bikaner Festival is a colourful and vibrant homage to the 'ship of the desert', the mighty camel.

Although camels are not native to India, they are held in high regard and have played an important role in day-to-day life for centuries. The annual 2 day festival celebrates this incredible animal with an energetic parade, vibrant costumes and... See more


Singapore has long served as a stopover hub for Aussie travelers on their way to further far flung destinations.
But just why do we love Singapore so much?!

Well, here's 6 reasons why we think everyone should make time for a stopover in Singapore- what's your reason? See more


Travelling Solo?

Whether you want to seek an adventure on your own, your usual travel buddy couldn’t make it this time, or you simply want to make new friends - we’ve got you!

Find out all the ways you can travel solo with us. See more


The glittering façade and striking architecture of Chiang Rai's spectacular White Temple is something that needs to be witnessed to be truly appreciated.

The temple is a brilliant example of contemporary and traditional Thai architecture unlike anything else that can be found across the country. Symbolic of the purity of Buddha, the temple is covered with... See more


🌺 Gardens by the Bay turns 10! 🌺

To celebrate the gardens will be showcasing 10 spectacular floral displays in 2022. These will include the popular Chinese New Year and Cherry Blossom 'Sakura' themes as well as new Spanish, Mexican and Dutch themed displays.

So if you are considering visiting Singapore, this year is the year! Don't miss your chance to... See more


If you were a Japanese dish - which would you be?
🐟 Taiyaki – Unwaveringly authentic, that reliable friend you can always count on
🍜 Ramen – Down-to-earth, wholesome and sometimes a little on the fiery side
🍡 Dango – Everyone's best friend, mostly sweet but sometimes salty too
🥟 Gyoza – Always up for a good time, usually the centre of attention See more


Rajasthan is one of India's most beautiful and photographic regions.
Boasting ancient forts, traditional markets, intricate architecture and vibrant colors- Rajasthan offers travelers some spectacular backdrops for those picturesque holiday snaps that will be worthy of your mantlepiece.

Here's our top 3 places in Rajasthan to capture that perfect Indian... See more


Let us take you on a journey to the land of fire and ice, where vast deserts stretch to the horizon and dramatic glaciers tower above.

We will show you why Chile truly is a remarkable bucket list destination for any traveler looking for their next adventure. See more


Lonely planet has released their Best in Travel 2022 list and 7 Wendy Wu Tour destinations made the cut!

Whether you're looking to discover the fascinating countries of Oman, Nepal and Egypt. Wish to wander the bustling metropolis' of Taipei, Auckland and Gyeongju. Or are looking to uncover the unique natural wonder of the Atacama Desert, we have you... See more


Australia has been named as one of the top 10 wine travel destinations!

For those Australian wine connoisseurs, this news likely doesn't comes as a surprise. For decades the Australian wine industry has flourished and gained popularity throughout the world. In fact, Tasmania has gained an international reputation of being the foremost producer of cool... See more


Chile is a unique country bursting with vibrant colours, exotic flavours and breath taking scenery.

Here's our top 3 must-see natural wonders in Chile:
1. Moon Valley. Witness the vast Atacama desert with it's harsh complexion and contrasting scenery.
2. Volcan Osorno. Discover the grand volcano and take in the spectacular surrounding views.
3. Torres Del... See more


Sri Lanka is one of Asia's best-kept secrets, Their exquisite ancient sites and friendly locals are a testament to over 2,000 years of unique history and rich culture.

But that's not the only reason why you should visit Sri Lanka.
Here is our top 6 reasons to visit the 'pearl of the Indian Ocean'

Sri Lanka has announced that fully... See more


Today is National Tempura Day!

Here are three things you may not know about this tasty meal:
1. The snack was originally intended to be eaten at Lent only
2. The name 'tempura' comes from the Latin 'ad tempora cuaresme', which means ‘in the time of Lent'. The Japanese mistook this to be the name of the food, and it stuck.
3. This way of frying food was... See more


The mighty Mekong Delta flows through six countries- can you name them? 🤔

Explore this famous waterway on our Mekong Explorer group tour as we bask in the local river life on board our comfortable Victoria Mekong vessel.

For a limited time only solo travellers can save up to $2,210 and have their own single room on tour for no... See more