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Places to Visit In Saudi Arabia

Places to Visit In Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia holidays give you the chance to discover a destination with a difference. Closed off to travellers other than pilgrims and those on business, the many wonders of this kingdom have been long hidden away but now anyone is welcome to come and experience the magic and discover this enigmatic destination for themselves.

A holiday to Saudi Arabia is varied, this vast nation home to mind-boggling long and illustrious history. Exploring it you’ll uncover fascination contrasts, much of the land dotted with the relics of long fallen empires, holy cities and quiet villages tucked away in still bountiful oases while vibrant, ultramodern metropolises boast gleaming skyscrapers, huge shopping malls and a cosmopolitan population – a long way from the staunch traditionalism that one might imagine. 

Ancient History
The Arabian Peninsula has a human history that stretches back a truly epic 10 millennia and you can easily feel it among the rock-strewn deserts and barren mountains. Settlers were attracted here by the fertile oases in the desert, their presences confirmed by pre-historic inscriptions and rock at like those found in the sandstone outcrops around Jubbah. Over time empires and kingdoms came and went including the Dadan, the Babylonians, Romans, and Ottomans. None left a reminder of their presence as dramatically as the trading nation of the Nabataean, also responsible for Petra in Jordan; you’ll find 131 rock hewn tombs abandoned to the sands of the desert, and time, beautifully preserved and a wonder to explore.

The Magic of Arabia
Outside of the cities, Saudi Arabia is timeless to the point that you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back into a long-forgotten world. Here, the culture is rich and symbolic, the lifestyle quaint, the pace slow. Villages like Ushaiger, settled by Bedouins 1,500 years ago, are the perfect example, the maze of narrow alleyways a delight to wander while Diriyah, on the outskirts of capital Riyadh, has excellent examples of traditional Najdi mudbrick architecture.  No trip to Saudi Arabia would be complete without a visit to a camel market, particularly Buraidah which is the world’s largest, where prized Arabian camels command astounding prices.
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