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Set in Saudi Arabia’s heritage filled Hejaz region, the ancient oasis city of AlUla and its surrounds are littered with artefacts and relics that tell of a history that stretches back 200,000 years. Here, the desert hides a series of fascinating stories just waiting to be discovered, tales of the rise and fall of ancient kingdoms, of traders treading the Incense Path between India and Europe and of the abundance of the oasis around which the city itself is centred.

A must visit, the abandoned labyrinth of streets that are AlUla’s ancient walled old town, look much as they would have done when they were first founded, in the 6th century BC, lined with mudbrick and stone houses. Exploring here you can feel the vivid history of a once-thriving settlement.  

The city, though, is perhaps best known as the gateway to Hegra, Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. The sister city of Jordan’s Petra, built by the Nabataeans, Hegra was a spice route city that faded into history when it was taken over by the Romans in 106 AD. Overwhelmed by the desert, its 131 tombs, all carved from rock, are beautifully preserved and a wonder to explore. 
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