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Exclusive Reader Tours

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If travel is best shared, then imagine what it would be like to share the exploration of Asia's top spots with an exclusive selection of destination experts.

In partnership with widely-read publications such as The Sydney Morning HeraldThe Age we have designed a series of Reader Tours.

These Reader Tours are intricately curated to cover the must-see locations of your chosen destination, PLUS the addition of exclusive experiences and opportunities. Each tour includes an impressive line-up of tour guests – from publication editors and journalists, to travel writers, and tailored expert guests for each destination such as a Japanese gardening expert, and an acclaimed chef – face-time with these knowledgeable and much-admired guests is priceless.

Each tour offers a number of exclusive experiences that will enrich your touring experience. These are opportunities generally not available on our year-round tours and will add to the personal cultural impact of your travels.

If you’ve ever dreamt of travelling to amazing Borneo, our Reader Tour truly represents a one-off opportunity to experience this beautiful country with Australia’s leading travel experts – Wendy Wu Tours, Australia’s premier publications and some of world’s leading connoisseurs of this destination. So join us!

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"This is a fast-paced, comprehensive tour of China which immerses one in the culture from arrival to departure.  The experiences of walking the Great Wall of China, passing through the pavilions of the Forbidden City, peering into the pits of the Terracotta Warriors, sailing along the swift-flowing Yangtze, or gazing up the gorges of the Goddess Stream, one is steeped in history and geography, amazed by the pageantry of the Tang Dynasty Dancers, not to mention the banquets every lunch and dinner.  The National Tour Guides and local guides are fountains of knowledge, and are wonderful ambassadors for their country.  Nobody knows China like Wendy Wu Tours!"
Nettie Sullivan, Inaugural Reader Tour Guest.
"The Tang Dynasty Grand Welcoming ceremony  in the ancient city of Xian was an amazing experience!  Being led across the drawbridge into the city by hundreds of performers dressed in authentic costumes  and chanting  a welcome, made us feel like royalty! The following  historic, live action performance  against the background of the City Wall was spectacular, especially the depiction of The Silk Road story.  We were each presented with a gold key to the city, and a beautifully made passport in Chinese characters.

Our National Guide Raymond  was outstanding, adding so much to our knowledge of China and easing our way through hotels, airports and all the attractions.  He was very caring, with a wonderful sense of humour that helped us gel as a happy group of travellers!  We were so fortunate to be part  of 'Raymond’s Family'."
Diana Brookes, Inaugural Reader Tour Guest.