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Juknokwon Bamboo Forest

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Get lost within the lush Bamboo Forest of Juknokwon. Intertwine and weave your way through the 8 trails that criss cross the forest, offering up one awe inspiring delight after another. A perfect haven for photography enthusiasts! The peace and serenity of the forest will leave an imprint and is a perfect way to while away the time.  

Juknokwon is a cultivated bamboo forest consisting of approximately 310,000 square metres and is one of the northernmost bamboo forests on the peninsula. There are 8 trails to follow that criss cross and weave this way and that, leading you through various sights including relaxing bamboo hammocks, a children’s playground, chairs and loungers to stare up into the vast bamboo ceiling of the forest. You will be amazed by the art installations, a traditional collection of buildings, not to mention the gorgeous pavilions dotted throughout the park. They vary in size and shape but provide the perfect place to relax, and take in the beautiful scene before you. 

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