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Anping District

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One of Taiwan's oldest cities and former capital, Tainan is a modern city of commerce and trade, history and culture. It is also a religious centre, with more than a thousand temples (including Taiwan’s first Confucian temple), not to mention frequent festivals, markets and parades.  

In ancient times Anping was known as ‘Dayuan’, the origin of the name ‘Taiwan’. This region is renowned for its deep culture and history but also for its beautiful natural scenery, stunning sunsets and awesome food and delicacies. Anping Old Street is lined with traditional rammed earth houses, low brick houses as well as Western mansions, and a myriad of street food, including fried wontons, shrimp rolls and the famed deep-fried sandwich. Visit Guohua Street to sample Taiwanese specialties and local markets. Discover Taiwan’s people and past at The National Museum of History. Chimei Museum includes beautiful gardens and a private collection of art and musical instruments. Anping Fort, the first fortress built by the Dutch in Anping in 1924, is the oldest in Taiwan. Sunset over Anping Old Fort was one of the original Eight Views of Taiwan.  

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