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Gordon River Holidays

Gordon River Holidays

Celebrating 25 Years of tour excellence

Carving a path through ancient rainforests and holding many secrets of the past, the Gordon River is a scenic excursion packed with history and natural beauty.

Gordon River is famous for its mesmerizing reflections along the shoreline. The slow-movement of the river means there are minimal ripples disturbing the water; when combined with its weak tea-like colour, it is the perfect surface to mirror the surrounding scenery. 

The Gordon River meanders through the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, which provides breathtaking views of wild rainforest and ancient Huon Pines towering over the waters. 

At the mouth of the river, in Macquarie Harbour, is Sarah Island, a former penal colony where convicts relied on the river to transport felled logs for boat building. The ruins of the colony hold many stories of the brutal and tough life of the early convict. 

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