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Things to do in India

Discover Authentic Experiences in India with Wendy Wu Tours

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To make sure you truly immerse yourself in the culture of India we pack every single one of our tours to India with authentic cultural experiences.

We’ve highlighted our favourite ones on each tour but here are just a few examples of what you can look forward to…

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  • Tea with the Shepherds of Rawla Narla

    Venture off the tourist trail to the rural village of Rawla Narlai to spend time with a local shepherd community, who will sit down with you to share a cup of tea.

  • Kolkata Potter's Quarter

    Explore Kolkata's traditional potters' quarter, Komortuli, where you'll see the skilled artisans sculpting idols of gods and goddesses for festivals.

  • Bijainagar Cooking Class

    Take part in a cooking class in Bijainagar, where you'll learn the secrets of the delicious local cuisine! You'll learn tips, techniques and the perfect flavour combinations before dining on what you create.

  • Sardargarh Art Workshop

    Venture into the rural surroundings of Sardargarh to visit a remote village where, as well as meeting the local community, you can join them for a fun and fascinating art workshop, in which you'll learn about traditional handicrafts.

  • Talabagon Castle Stay

    Spend a night feeling like royalty in the magnificent Talabgaon Castle, a beautiful 200-year-old heritage property located in the peaceful heart of rural Rajasthan.

  • Varanasi Rickshaw Tour

    Explore the atmospheric streets of Varanasi by rickshaw, venturing down narrow lanes, past colourful shops and age-old temples for an authentic glimpse of day to day life in this ancient city.

  • Ganges Puja Ceremony

    Experience the electric atmosphere created by the flickering candles and tinkling bells of a puja held on the banks of the River Ganges, a ceremony dedicated to the river goddess.

  • Udaipur by Bicycle

    Explore the old backstreets of Udaipur by bicycle, passing palaces, markets, temples and locals going about their day to day lives, soaking up the atmosphere as you go

  • Cruise on Lake Pichola

    Admire the magical city of Udaipur, full of glorious, romantic architecture, from the perfect vantage point – a boat cruising the waters of Lake Pichola.

  • Morning Yoga in the Himalaya's

    In the birthplace of yoga, start the day with an invigorating morning practice and meditation session with a master, in the spectacular surroundings of the Himalayan foothills.

  • Pushkar Sunset

    Board a camel-drawn cart and venture into the desert around the holy town of Pushkar where, amongst the sand dunes, you can settle down to watch a glorious sunset.

  • Pushkar Walking Tour

    Immerse yourself in local life with a walking tour through Pushkar's bustling market, admiring the enormous range of fresh produce, colourful textiles and interesting souvenirs!

  • Mumbai Rail Terminus

    Marvel at the extravagant grandeur of Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, a British-built and UNESCO-listed Victorian Italianate Gothic Revival masterpiece that still serves as the city's main railway station today

  • Hutheesing Jain Temple

    Explore the architectural wonder that is the Jain temple of Hutheesing. Built in 1848 using traditional techniques, it is the perfect showcase of Jain architecture and the skill of the local artisans who worked on its construction.

  • Salt Desert Safari

    Embark on a safari through the surreal landscapes of the Little Rann of Kutch, a sprawling salt desert that is home to one of India's largest wildlife reserves, where you can spot flamingos, wild ass and white-footed foxes.

  • Kathkali Dance Performance

    Witness an exuberant performance of the traditional dance-drama that is Kathakali. Kerala's best-known performing art, it is an extravagant retelling of Hindu epics complete with colourful costumes and elaborate make up.

  • Kumbalangi Village Life

    Glimpse the traditional lifestyle of Kerala's fisher-folk with a visit to Kumbalangi, where you can see the villagers going about their day to day activities and discover traditional handicrafts.

  • Kalaripayattu Martial Arts

    Marvel at the strength and agility of Kalaripayattu practitioners at a performance of Kerala's traditional art form. This old martial art combines defensive steps and stances with weaponry such as daggers, spears, maces and bows and arrows.

  • Kerala Cooking Demonstration

    Hosted by a local family in their home, take part in a cooking demonstration of tasty, traditional treats, learning the skills and techniques needed to prepare delicious Keralan dishes.

  • Jodhpur Market Tour

    Soak up the sights and smells of one of Jodhpur's bustling local markets, where the stalls will be piled high with locally grown fruit and vegetables, and you will learn about the essential herbs and spices needed for Indian cuisine.

  • Thar Desert Camel Tour

    Embark on a camel cart ride out into the starkly beautiful landscapes of the Thar Desert – though it may appear barren, you’ll find the desert is surprisingly full of things to see.

  • Thar Desert Jeep Safari

    Embark on an exhilarating jeep safari through the stark landscapes of the Thar Desert venturing out to Bishnoi for a village visit, where you'll see local life and the practice of traditional handicrafts.

  • Sam Sand Dunes Camel Ride

    The quintessential desert transportation, ride a camel through the undulating Sam Sand Dunes to the perfect spot to take in a spectacular sunset.

  • Jaipur Street Food Tour

    Explore the bustling streets and old lanes of Jaipur, sampling all of the aromatic flavours of the Pink City's freshly-prepared local delicacies on a fun and filling street food tour.

  • Carpet Weaving Demonstration

    Visit a workshop hidden in the bustling backstreets of old Jaipur to catch a glimpse of the age-old art of carpet-weaving, a fascinating artistry still practised the traditional way.

  • Learn Astronomy

    Learn astronomy the ancient way at Jaipur's fascinating Jantar Mantar, an 18th-century observatory full of old instruments used to measure the distance and positions of celestial objects.

  • Block Printing Class

    Venture into the old alleyways of Jaipur to try your hand at block printing, the practice of hand printing textiles with a carved wooden block, a traditional art of the city.

  • Delhi Cooking Demonstration

    Be a guest at a local family's home in Delhi where you'll learn all about tricks and techniques of authentic Indian cuisine with a cooking demonstration and delicious meal.

  • Dine with a Delhi Family

    Dine with a local family in Delhi, who will invite you into their home for a meal of delicious local dishes, and chat with you about their day to day life in India's chaotic capital city.

  • Old Delhi Rickshaw Ride

    Take an exciting rickshaw ride through Asia's largest spice market, in Old Delhi, absorbing the heady scents and colourful sights of some of the world’s most exotic powders, leaves, roots and seeds.

  • Golden Temple Kitchens

    Visit the Golden Temple's 'langar', the kitchen that feeds up to 100,000 people a day for free! Meet the volunteers who prepare and cook the food and watch them making thousands of chapatis by hand.

  • Border Closing Ceremony

    Travel to the border of India and Pakistan to witness the border closing ceremony, a display of fantastically over the top showmanship that involves speed marching, high kicks and stomps, all cheered on by the crowd of locals and tourists alike.

  • Mohabbat the Taj Dance Spectacular

    Enjoy a performance of 'Mohabbat the Taj', a lavishly set dance spectacular that tells the story of Emperor Shah Jahan and his third wife Mumtaz Mahal and the famous monument to love, the Taj Mahal.

  • Agra Rickshaw Tour

    Take a rickshaw ride through a busy spice and ayurvedic herb market in Agra – a feast for the senses. See the extensive and exotic array of colourful powders and medicinal herbs that are on display.

  • Ajanta and Ellora Caves

    Surprisingly little known outside of India, discover the magnificent artistic treasures of the Ajanta and Ellora caves, a series of caverns full of intricate frescoes and carvings created by Buddhist, Hindu and Jain monks

  • Bikaner Rickshaw Tour

    Ride on a rickshaw through the hustle and bustle of Bikaner's bazaar, taking in the sights, sounds and smells of this atmospheric market place and watching the locals go about their day to day life.

  • Khajuraho Folk Dancing

    Enjoy a colourful folk-dancing performance at Khajuraho, a showcase of traditional India costume, music and dance.

  • Visit Fort Kochi

    Visit Fort Kochi with its fascinating cultural mix of Malayali Christians, Hindus, Muslims, and Jews. From charming old-world streets to the ancient Chinese fishing nets, all make this city unique.

  • Visit one of India's best waterfalls

    As one of India's best waterfalls, Athirapally Waterfalls is located on Chalakudy River, and drop from a height of 80 feet through several parallel streams. It's no wonder they're Kerala's most popular attraction.