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A fantastical wonderland, Cappadocia's distinctive topography is a result of millions of years of volcanic activity and intense erosion. Over millennia, the region's inhabitants burrowed into the soft rock left behind by this process, creating homes, churches, workshops and even underground cities.

A hike through the striking rock formations might take you past hidden monasteries, ancient cave dwellings, or perhaps a modern-day family-run pottery or cave hotel. A fascinating spectacle awaits around every corner. The most famous site is the Goreme Open-Air Museum, a cluster of fresco-adorned rock-cut churches, chapels and monasteries. The region is also home to several subterranean refuges, used as hiding places during invasions.

Cappadocia is a truly magical place. The ridged valleys and fairytale-like landscapes are just about the closest thing on Earth to another world.

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Cappadocia offers a wealth of wonderful sights and experiences. What better way to explore them than on a Wendy Wu tour?

Cappadocia at a Glance

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