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Elephant Trunk Hill

Elephant Trunk Hill

See Elephant Trunk Hill on a holiday to China

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Elephant Trunk Hill, originally called Lishan Mountain, is located in south Guilin at the confluence of the Peach Blossom River and Li River. The hill is cleverly named as it is said that its shape resembles an elephant's trunk drinking up water from the Li River below.

At night the moon shines through Elephant Trunk Hill with its reflection literally dancing on the water. Behind the 'trunk' of the 'elephant' lies Water Moon Cave, an arched grotto that resembles a moon rising from the water. In this cave there are many paintings, carvings and inscriptions dating back over a millenia, including a poem by Lu Yu, one of the four great poets of the Song Dynasty. Much of the inscriptions inside the Water Moon Cave make reference to the tranquil image of the moon sitting on the river; a feat which can be even more appreciated with a boat ride down this inside conduit.

At the top of the hill stands the Puxian Pagoda, a uniquely chubby pagoda dating back to the Ming Dynasty. The shape of the pagoda's body is said to represent a sword which has been plunged into the elephant's back; a gruesome image for such a winsome beauty spot. Part of the second floor is decorated with an image of Bodhisattva Puxian, a traditional Chinese Buddhist spiritualist whom the pagoda was named after.

One of Guilin's most popular sights, Elephant Trunk Hill is considered a symbol of Guilin, epitomizing the beauty and pure nature of the area.

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